Governor Powes Parkop

Governor Parkop clarifies myth

Governor Parkop said, NCDC has prospered over the years through other sources of funding, and not just on government funding.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop wants to put an end to the assumption that NCD gets more funding than other provinces.                                       

Governor Parkop says NCDC’s annual budget from the national government for 2020 was K304, 101, 000 and is easily comparable to other provinces with similar population size like Morobe, Eastern Highlands, Hela and Southern Highlands who got a bigger budget allocation compared to NCD.

NCDC maintains COVID-19 Protocols


He made this remarks on the occasion of receiving additional masks from a local business company on Wednesday 23rd September.

Eliseo Trading Limited donated 400,000 facemasks, valued at K800,000 to the National Capital District Commission. This gesture has increased the company's total facemasks donation to 600,000

Previously Eliseo Trading also donated 200,000 facemasks to National Capital District police and other frontline workers.

Parkop applauds decision

In a media conference on Wednesday 12th of August, he applauded the government for uplifting the city lockdown.  He said the NCD Task Force welcomes Prime Minister James Marape’s decision and one that they have been pushing for the last weeks.

Governor Parkop said that it is not an easy decision to allow life to go on under the new normal and citizens must adhere to the measures put in place.

“This is not an easy decision, it took a lot of courage and conviction to make this decision.”

Function of NCD education delegated

Governor Powes Parkop believes this will lift the standard of education and will also deal with imminent problems currently faced by schools in Port Moresby

Schools in Port Moresby, if not the country as a whole, continue to face issues that are long overdue.

These problems include poor school facilities and infrastructure, shortage of desks, the high ratio of teachers to students and housing problems for teachers.

Governor Parkop says NCDC stands ready to work with the NCD Education division to address some of these issues.

NCD betelnut market to be converted

NCD Governor Powes Parkop announced this yesterday in the presence of the acting City Manager, Ravu Frank, Housing and Urbanisation Minister Justin Tkatchenko and contractors manning the Eight-Mile betelnut wholesale market, which will be converted into a vegetable market space.

The plan to convert the betelnut market is in partnership with the Ministry of Housing and Urbanisation and National Housing Corporation.

Hasten readiness of testing facilities, directs Governor

After visiting Rita Flynn facility and Gerehu General Hospital yesterday, Governor Parkop said he was not satisfied with the preparedness of the establishments.

“As Chairman of our Provincial Task Force Response Team and Governor of our city, I am giving a direction now that we put all effort to have the facility at Rita Flynn to be able to accept a small number of potential patients by tonight. We cannot delay any further,” he stated.

Parkop hits back at Kramer

Kramer recently gave the National Capital District Governor 14 days to come clear with a thorough report on the expenditure of the unpopular K3 million per annum yoga contract.

Parkop said Kramer is becoming like a judge, jury and prosecutor making assertions without evidence.

The Governor told this newsroom that Kramer had been releasing statements without evidence and not caring to find the truth.

Parkop, when asked about the issue, said he doesn’t have to reply to such people.

NCD building to be named after Alu

Governor Powes Parkop announced this to honour the immense contribution Alu has made to the development of the capital city.

He said the contributions of Alu were worthy of renaming the former City Hall building after him. But like the Parliament House, the City Hall building could be renamed.

However, he said the Engineering Division building currently being erected will be renamed after Alu.

Meantime, Bernard Kipit is the new city manager.

(Outgoing NCD City Manager, Leslie Alu)

NCD ready to help quake victims

Extending the city’s sympathy yesterday, Governor Powes Parkop pledged support to assist.

“This is a natural catastrophe, it’s not planned so nobody was ready for this,” he said.

He assured the affected locals that as soon as the National Disaster Centre sets up relief efforts, Port Moresby is ready to assist.

Parkop said volunteers have already approached him for this and the city is ready to help in any form of relief, both cash and kind.

“We are always ready to help in this kind of tragic situation. We wish them all the best in their recovery,” he said.

Parkop disgusted, embarrassed

The woman was tortured in Port Moresby over sorcery allegations.

Governor Parkop said it is embarrassing that this behaviour is occurring in the city.

He said some city residents are still backward in their thinking and should lose their right or freedom to live in the city.

When contacted, Governor Parkop said he was reaching his limit in tolerance to these type of behaviour, and will start considering tough measures against such people.

He was happy police intervened but wants the perpetrators arrested and charged.