Illegal street vendors arrested

According to officer-in-charge of Boroko Support unit, Senior Constable Petrus Mund the street vendors were arrested and charged for selling betelnut, cigarettes and other stuff in front of Stop and Shop, Tabari bus stop and near the BSP and Westpac banks in Boroko.

The 25 alleged offenders were charged under the Summary Offences Act, Section 44B for Illegal Street sales and Under the NCDC Litter Act, Section 11, Sales of Betelnut. 
They were told to pay K300 police bail or remain in custody.

Cops told to get back to basics

He said this year in a recent meeting held with commanders from different police stations within NCD and Central Province, when highlighting their goals for the first quarter of 2023.

“As the Divisional Commander, I want to achieve in the first quarter, getting the basics right. We must be accountable for our resources, manpower and actions. This means every police station commander and OICs will be held responsible for what goes wrong under their watch,” Wagambie Jr said.  

Slow start to NCD polling

Most Polling sites started receiving votes as of 11am, without any major hiccups. 

Five polling booths were set up at Boreboa Primary School for Ward 10, North West. Four booths were arranged in alphabetical order while the fifth booth was set aside for residents of Tokam and Telikom Compound.

Despite this polling booth set up in an orderly manner, many long-time residents didn't find their names on the electoral roll.

Tokam Barracks had only 89 names out of 2000 plus voters and 79 out of 3000 were eligible for Telikom compound.

COVID-19 center opened

Deputy Controller for the National Pandemic response Dr Daoni Esorom clarified that the complex was opened on June 16, 2022, after a meeting with the NCD Provincial Health Authority (PHA) Team and the Sports Foundation CEO.

“During the meeting, I have given directives for them to open the complex. So, there is no issue with the RFC and it is opened and the workers from NCD PHA were directed to go in there and continue to operate their COVID-19 services,” Dr Daoni said.

Cheap Spirit Drinks A Threat To Good Order

He said brawls and ethnic fighting caused by drunk and disorderly behaviour remains the biggest challenge for everyone in the community including the police. 

Ikumu said the streets in the settlements and suburbs were littered by broken liqour bottles in the aftermath of the New Year celebrations, indicating that more people were purchasing and consuming cheap spirits in the city.

ELC To Host 33rd Synod

The synod will be held from January 9th-15th, 2022, the meeting is held every two years and will be hosted by the Papuan Region this year.

The combined dedication service witnessed congregations within the Papuan Region presented items and their contributions towards the hosting of the event.

Chairman of the Synod, Sumasy Singin, said preparations are well underway and delegations from across the country will start arriving in Port Moresby this week.

NCD Death Rate High

He said the hospital has now reached a crisis point. Cases of the COVID-19 Delta Variant has added to the current situation.

Dr. Molumi said the hospital is struggling with manpower to save lives and also to manage the dead.

“The Delta Variant is aggressively attacking people with 87 percent of the patients who showed symptoms of COVID-19 were tested positive to the disease.”

He said the hospital has also recorded a high number of people with breathing problems at the Emergency ward and dead bodies arriving at one time to be stored at the mortuary.

Parkop Promises Assistance

A number of families had lost their homes to arson following retaliation over the death of a young man in Baruni Village last month.

Governor Parkop reaffirmed the city’s commitment to supporting the families who had their homes torched.

He assured the affected families that lost a family member and those that have lost their homes, that the city would step in to mediate the peace process and assist in building new homes for those that had theirs destroyed. 

Over 600 Trees Planted

Team leaders of Active City Youth Development Program, Kathy Kiage and Judy Bomai visited the Nature Park nursery today to collect an additional 320 trees to plant along the Hohola Freeway and Kaugere, after successfully planting more than 600 trees around various sites in the city recently.

Displacement Tracking Underway

This is funded by the United States Agency for International Development's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (USAID-BHA).
IOM in partnership with the National Disaster Centre (NDC), IOM is delivering a Training of Trainer (ToT) on DTM to 23 officials working on disaster at national, provincial and district level from 21 provinces, including the National Capital District and Autonomous Region of Bougainville.