Team Central prepares for PNG Games

Advisor for Community Development and Sports, Henry Kavana said Central Province and National Capital District Commission (NCDC) will co-host the PNG Games in June.

Kavana said game venues will be at the stadium, while accommodation and other things will be shared with NCDC. Some of the provinces will be staying in Central province and we already identified schools in Hiri district to host the visiting provinces during the games.  

Wagambie commend NCD/Central Police

NCD/ Central Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika and PPC Central Patterson Birigi have taken the lead to ensure that operational plans are implemented this Christmas and New Year.  

He has commended Superintendent Silva Sika and PPC Birigi including officers, NCOs rank and file for the successful commencement of festive period operation so far.  

“We will make a difference in our communities to ensure that the majority of our people ,who are law abiding celebrate this period in a peaceful environment"  

Amazing Port Moresby’s Christmas Carol’s 2022

The Amazing Port Moresby Carols by the Sea aims to provide fun and family-oriented entertainment for city residents during the festive season.

To be hosted in a in a safe environment, the program will celebrate the diversity of cultures in a uniting and peaceful spirt of Christmas.

This year’s lineup includes artists like Trio West Papua and Justin Wellington.

K50m earmarked for Central Hospital project

PMGH is currently weighed down by patients from the National Capital District (NCD), Central and Gulf provinces with a large number of referrals also from outside Port Moresby, and the long line of Patients queuing up for hours on end to receive healthcare services are always a concern at PMGH.

The completion of the Central Hospital will assist PMGH by shifting 300 of its current 1, 200 beds, helping to reduce the loads at the maternity section, Emergency Department and many other sections of the hospital.

Public Transport A Concern

Part of the problem is that privately owned public transport do not meet roadworthy standards.

Papua New Guineans are fortunate to have access to owning and running a public transport service. However privately owned public transport are not providing standard services, nor running roadworthy buses, and even taxis. PMV buses especially have not been completing their routes, and are overcharging customers.

Early Childhood Development, Vital

National Capital District Commission’s Active City Development Program created Pilai Program launched in January this year has reached out to children in the city and Motu Koitabu villages who are not able to attend early childhood education.

Active City Development Program’s Fazila Bazari said the program has reached more than 120 children this year.

"These children have learnt faster being here than if they had not signed up. They have learnt through the recreation and play sessions to be clean, healthy, hygienic and have also adapted a nutritious diet" she added.

NCDC To Rollout Ward Record Book System

The Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs Acting Secretary, Joseph Warus, said the Ward Record Book System would capture important socio-economic and demographic information within a ward boundary including the names of all persons living within a particular ward.

“The Government realizing the importance of having accurate and timely data for development planning and policy formulation approved for the Ward Record Book System will be used for updating of the PNG Electoral Roll,” Mr Warus said.

Parkop Backs Central Hospital

In a show of unity, the Governor together with Central Province Governor, Robert Agarobe were present at the ground-breaking ceremony of the new hospital.  

Governor Parkop said health facilities in the city are inadequate to cater for the city’s increasing population as well as that of Central and Gulf Provinces.

Police, NCDC Partners To Fight Crime

The meet is part of the NCD-Central Command’s efforts working in partnership with stakeholders to in addressing law and order issues. 

Governor Parkop said law and order is everyone’s business, assuring that the concerns about safety and security issues in the city have not gone unnoticed.

Lately, there has been a public outcry on the safety of residents commuting around the city, especially the safety of women, girls and children.

During the meeting, they have agreed to implement the following:

NCDC Served Contempt Charges

NCDC made this announcement in a statement and outlined their course of action going forward.

“We confirm being served contempt charges. We will defend vigorously. We are more determined than ever to do all we can to keep the land as public recreational land. We will explore all avenues in an effort to keep this land as public space for the people of Port Moresby and country,” said the statement.

“We have also asked the Minister for Lands to correct all the poor decisions and management by his Department made in the past regarding Jack Pidik Park.”