Public Transport A Concern

Road Traffic Authority says public transport remains a problem in the country, let alone Port Moresby.

Part of the problem is that privately owned public transport do not meet roadworthy standards.

Papua New Guineans are fortunate to have access to owning and running a public transport service. However privately owned public transport are not providing standard services, nor running roadworthy buses, and even taxis. PMV buses especially have not been completing their routes, and are overcharging customers.

“Public transport as you and I know that it has been a challenge in the city for many years. Yes we have done everything we could to make public transport accessible to all but we have also come across areas where public transport operators are not following proper procedures,” said Road Traffic Authority CEO, Nelson Terema.

The RTA CEO has directed this concern to the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) to support them in controlling and managing public transport for city residents, as well as keeping those providing these services, in check.

Some of the areas that need visiting include public transport parking area and bus terminals.

Terema said, “We don’t have enough bus terminals, and taxi car parks in the city which is something NCDC also needs to consider especially when designing and constructing roads in the city.”

Terema suggested that road contractors or engineers , when designing roads, should consider bus terminals, crossings and taxi parks to avoid traffic congestions and related issues.

It is no secret that buses and taxis have a tendency to stop anywhere along a busy road to collect or offload passengers, and this is dangerous.

“A lot of accidents happen because of careless driving and driver of both taxi and busses not following road safty rules or stopping anywhere they feel like to pick up passengers or even chooses a spot on the road to use as parking,” said Terema.

Terema said RTA is already in talks with NCDC improve bus terminals and bus stops, and taxi parking.

Loop Author