Wagambie commend NCD/Central Police

The hardworking police officers from Central Province and NCD have been praised for carrying out their duties during the festive season operations as it continues.

NCD/ Central Commander Anthony Wagambie Jnr said the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika and PPC Central Patterson Birigi have taken the lead to ensure that operational plans are implemented this Christmas and New Year.  

He has commended Superintendent Silva Sika and PPC Birigi including officers, NCOs rank and file for the successful commencement of festive period operation so far.  

“We will make a difference in our communities to ensure that the majority of our people ,who are law abiding celebrate this period in a peaceful environment"  

“People are depending on us to keep them safe”, he added"

He has encouraged officers to continue to be courteous towards people when interacting with them, whether it be at the duty counter, on patrol or at authorized roadblocks. 

“Authorized roadblocks were set up to curb down on drink diving were set up within NCD, to cut down on the high number of fatalities from serious accidents as experienced in recent years"

“This has proven to be effective as we have not received any reports of serious fatal accidents due to drink driving as of yet” he added. 

Meanwhile in the Central Province, Police have police deployed to all Districts with camps set up at Bereina, Moreguina and other areas.  

He said Central Police based along Hiritano have been working with the community leaders and also patrolling the hotspot areas to ensure the road is clear for the travelling public. 

“I commend the Metropolitan Superintendent NCD and PPC Central with all their members for a successful Ops so far and will see that this carries on to New Years,” he added. 

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