K50m earmarked for Central Hospital project

The Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) has welcomed the Government appropriation of K50 million funding for work to commence at the Central Provincial Hospital.

PMGH is currently weighed down by patients from the National Capital District (NCD), Central and Gulf provinces with a large number of referrals also from outside Port Moresby, and the long line of Patients queuing up for hours on end to receive healthcare services are always a concern at PMGH.

The completion of the Central Hospital will assist PMGH by shifting 300 of its current 1, 200 beds, helping to reduce the loads at the maternity section, Emergency Department and many other sections of the hospital.

It is necessary that the National Capital District Provincial Health Authority (NCDPHA), National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and the Government also need to start work on the NCDPHA Level 5 hospital to offload another 300 beds.

The offloading of primary and secondary care will allow PMGH to deliver its tertiary health care as mandated under the National Health Plan (NHP) 2021-2030, and the quality specialized health care can be provided to the people of PNG with a manageable bed number of 600-700.

The Central Provincial Hospital will cost up to K400 million.

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