Road Traffic Authority (RTA)

Road transport functions transferred

The signing on Friday August 18 in Port Moresby, between the Road Traffic Authority (RTA) and the ABG is a milestone. AROB is the 10th province that have signed the MOU, this gives the region powers to operate and manage its own transport system and services. 

As outlined in the MoU, the Road Traffic Authority will delegate all the functions under the Road Traffic Act 2014, to the provinces to empower them to perform, generate revenue and at the same time improve road transport services.  

ENB sign MoU

This paves way for provinces to undertake land transport functions and this week East New Britain signed its MoU.
The signing of the MoU builds partnership between East New Britain provincial administration and RTA as the province is being given more powers to run its own affairs in regards to addressing land transport. As outlined in the MoU, the Road Traffic Authority will delegate some functions to the provinces to empower them to perform. 

Stakeholders to meet with PMV operators

The meeting is set for Sunday 1 pm at the Unagi Oval in Port Moresby to discuss how they all will work together to serve the people in the city.

In a meeting hosted by the National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika today with the concerned authorities including the PMV Association president, had agreed that all PMV owners must be present at the meeting.

The meeting will discuss very important issues and for all parties to come up with solutions for a way forward to be happy while doing business in the city.

Public Transport A Concern

Part of the problem is that privately owned public transport do not meet roadworthy standards.

Papua New Guineans are fortunate to have access to owning and running a public transport service. However privately owned public transport are not providing standard services, nor running roadworthy buses, and even taxis. PMV buses especially have not been completing their routes, and are overcharging customers.

Police, Stakeholders To Restore Order

NCD/Central Commander, Anthony Wagambie Jnr said Police must operate in partnership with stakeholders and local communities.  

“I have given instruction to NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Gideon Ikumu and 4-mile Traffic Unit to organize a meeting between Road Traffic Authority (RTA), Motor Vehicle Insurance Limited (MVIL), NCDC and Police to unite as a group to address the problems that we are facing with public moto vehicles in the city.

ACP Wagambie said unworthy vehicles on the streets are causing traffic congestion and are not adhering to traffic rules.

​Authority responds to commuters’ concerns

PMV buses will now be issued temporary permits on a regular basis if their buses are to be used during the election period by candidates.

This action has been taken to limit the number of buses hired by candidates during the election period, resulting in transportation issues for the general public.

Road Traffic Authority CEO, Nelson Terema, said there have been recent accidents that could have been avoided if drivers had only followed traffic rules.

Public transport system to be improved

This follows the first-ever Gender and Transport Seminar facilitated by UN Women, where participants from donor and civil society organisations, academics and government authorities, identified specific service gaps in the current public transport system.

Some shortfalls included unsafe public spaces at bus stops and on buses for women and girls, lack of accessibility for people living with disabilities, poor enforcement to regulate bus tariffs and a need of a transport regulatory framework.