Police, NCDC Partners To Fight Crime

The meet is part of the NCD-Central Command’s efforts working in partnership with stakeholders to in addressing law and order issues. 

Governor Parkop said law and order is everyone’s business, assuring that the concerns about safety and security issues in the city have not gone unnoticed.

Lately, there has been a public outcry on the safety of residents commuting around the city, especially the safety of women, girls and children.

During the meeting, they have agreed to implement the following:

NCDC Served Contempt Charges

NCDC made this announcement in a statement and outlined their course of action going forward.

“We confirm being served contempt charges. We will defend vigorously. We are more determined than ever to do all we can to keep the land as public recreational land. We will explore all avenues in an effort to keep this land as public space for the people of Port Moresby and country,” said the statement.

“We have also asked the Minister for Lands to correct all the poor decisions and management by his Department made in the past regarding Jack Pidik Park.”

Vendors Displaced

Believed to be hired policemen and security guards on 16th of August, were evicted after a verbal warning was given on 15th of August and on 17th of August the entire area was fenced off. Everything happened within 48 hours.

The Port Moresby Vendors Association has more than five thousand men and women that used the potion of land for their business. The land is understood to be owned by the TST group.

The use of the land was an agreement with the National Capital District Commission, to sell secondhand clothes there, since 2008.

Illegal Developments Within Graveyard

City Manager, Bernard Kipit has warned the individuals who are illegally encroaching and putting up properties within the perimeters of the 9-Mile cemetery.

He said illegal settlers and offenders are punishable under the law. Mr Kipit said the 80 hectares of (portion 884) was designated as public cemetery under the Cemeteries Act of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea and relevant laws. 

There has been an increasing number of unauthorized individuals using the cemetery access road for entry into the settlement and doing illegal developments.

ENB Supplies Fresh Food to NCD

Forty bags of fresh produce arrived over the weekend, and was sold at the Gordons market in bulk.

The fresh food supply was made possible through the partnership between the East New Britain Market Authority and Markets Division of the National Capital District Commission.

NCDC Market Manager, Charlie Pengi said fresh produce is critical to achieve healthy outcomes for the city.

Parkop welcomes GST injunction

The National Capital District Commission has welcomed the National Court ruling in granting an injunction against the IRC.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop called on IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim to remit GST funds from the National Government’s component of GST collected in NCD and not from the 60% component belonging to NCDC’s basket.

Governor Parkop clarifies myth

Governor Parkop said, NCDC has prospered over the years through other sources of funding, and not just on government funding.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop wants to put an end to the assumption that NCD gets more funding than other provinces.                                       

Governor Parkop says NCDC’s annual budget from the national government for 2020 was K304, 101, 000 and is easily comparable to other provinces with similar population size like Morobe, Eastern Highlands, Hela and Southern Highlands who got a bigger budget allocation compared to NCD.

Parkop slams GST decision

Governor Parkop said the decision by Sam Koim is legally and ethically wrong.

On 22nd of April, Commissioner Koim while announcing the decision said IRC previously allowed NCD to distribute the GST component to the two provinces and Motu Koita, however has been inconsistent resulting in the decision.

NCDC intensifies checks

NCDC is working with the PNG Defense Force, Royal PNG Constabulary, the National Transport Authority, and Pacific Corporate Security to impose the measures released on March 22, 2021.

The orders include mandatory wearing of face masks, social distancing, restricted public gathering and removal of illegal vending in public places.

NCDC, with the help of its stakeholders, has set up tents at bus-stops and betelnut markets to ensure city residents adhere to orders.

Improved education quality in NCD

The signing of an MOU between the National Department of Education and the NCDC this week is a relief.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop has expressed that it is a relief as the groundwork in the form of an MOU was signed in 2016 for the former education minister, now minister for HERST, Nick Kuman. He reassured the Department of Education that the partnership will continue.