NCDC to provide shuttle service to all games venues

Co-ordinator of the NCDC Pacific Games Secretariat, Frank Aku said; “The shuttle service is to allow as many residents as possible to see the Games.”

It is the ‘ParknRide’ program of the NCDC for the Games in which 19 buses will be used to cover all Games venues in the city.

The program was initiated to control the flow of people and traffic during the two-week regional sporting event which begins on July 4.

“The whole idea of ParknRide is to control traffic and avoid traffic congestions in all Games venues including the Games village,” he said.

Stop denying law and order issues – Barker

Director Paul Barker says NCD Governor Powes Parkop may like to think that Port Moresby is safer but major business houses and residents do not think so.

He says razor barbed wiring around people’s premises is a reflection of the concern felt by the community for their own safety and security.

Barker says in order to make residents feel safe, one has to address the law and order situation in the city.

Parkop: Razor wire ban to stay

This was his response to security concerns voiced by city residents after razor wiring around their premises were taken down by NCDC workers.

Parkop claims the city is now safer than it used to be in the 80s and the 90s and those property owners therefore did not need to keep “these ugly” illegal razor wires any more.

He says razor barbed  wires are illegal and residents and business houses did not get approval from the Building Board before installing it around their premises.

City chiefs silent so far on razor wire issue

Last Friday PNG Loop sent a list of questions seeking answers from Alu and Parkop however both failed to respond.

Alu had flown out of Port Moresby and Parkop said he would respond to these concerns this week.

Why are we pretending that Port Moresby is safe? This is the question asked by many city residents who have watched as the National Capital District Commission workers took down razor wiring around residents' premises.