K20m to install security cameras

Prime Minister James Marape has pledged his support behind the Governor for NCD and the City Administration to develop and transform the city for the convenience of the country and the people.

As a token he committed K20m towards the project plans being under taken by the NCDC.  

PM Marape made the announcement in his keynote address at the launch of the Boroko Precinct Transformation Project this week.  

“Today governor I want to present to you a K20m to the city. I want you to put cameras in all our major spots in our city. You don’t need only security guards, you need cameras to observe and look across to what’s happening in our city and major areas,” Marape said.

He added, in Tok Pisin that if citizens cannot abide by the city laws then he will open up the Bomana prison to confine them there.

“Husat yu kam long city na yu les lo bihainim lo blo city, na yu stap bai mi mekim Bomana na opim Bomana moa yet, na yu ken go long Bomana.

Yu ken go long Bomana, no apologies to anyone.”

However, it has to be the last resort because he believes in the goodness of both men and women.

Loop author