Digicel’s Extravagant Christmas Launch for 2023

The highlight of the giveaway includes three major prizes, with the top winner receiving an impressive K100,000, followed by K50,000 and K30,000 for the subsequent fortunate individuals.

Weekly draws promise valuable prizes such as K5000 cash, 5000-liter water tanks, 3000w diesel generators, Samsung Galaxy A22 smartphones, an entertainment pack featuring a 50-inch Samsung TV, Digicel TV Play Box with a dish, and a Wowi LTE Smart Phone with a complimentary mobile plan for a year.

Digicel supports women’s rugby league

There is plenty of hype and excitement building up around women’s rugby league in the country being elevated to the next level.

Digicel PNG has again reaffirmed its continued support in promoting gender equality and giving more opportunities for young woman to play at the next stage of rugby league.

With the backing of Pacific-Aus Sport through the High Performance unit, and supporting sponsors and partners, this year’s national women’s championships is being used as a springboard for the women’s game to be played at an elite level like never before.

Digicel empowers local SMEs with training

These skilled individuals were carefully selected based on specific criteria, including their existing knowledge of installation techniques and possession of required equipment.

In the response to the growing demand for efficient installation services and the need to enhance customer satisfaction the training was initiated and aimed to address critical issues such as installation turnaround time and the delivery of high-quality services by certified professionals.

Digicel recognizing ordinary men

Four unsung heroes were recognized in their respective regions of this country. The unsung heroes were recognized as ordinary men who are doing extraordinary things in their respective communities.

The initiative of honouring good men is from Digicel PNG Foundation, who are using positive behaviors to promote positive role models.

Digicel PNG Ltd chief executive officer, Colin Stone, emphasized on the work and initiative in honoring good men in the country through Digicel PNG Foundation, who are using positive behaviours to promote positive role models.

Digicel a partner in development

Digicel PNG Ltd Chief Executive Officer, Colin Stone, revealed this to business houses during the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry Breakfast at Lamana Hotel recently.

Mr Stone said Digicel PNG as a business in Papua New Guinea, understands the constant challenge and the impact of staying connected especially in rural parts of the country.

Digicel sponsors festival

Today Digicel PNG presented K100, 000 worth of support in cash and kind to the festival committee. Digicel PNG Senior Vice-President, Lorna McPherson, said Digicel’s support illustrates that it treasures the importance of the festival.

Digicel opens new corporate gym

The delivery of this new fitness center furthers the company’s commitment to create and sustain a healthy work-life balance for its employees.  

Students successfully end internship program

Eighteen students from the University of Papua New Guinea, three from Port Moresby Technical College, and one student from IEA College of TAFE had gone through a professional learning experience that offered meaningful, practical work related to the student's field of study, vital for their future endeavours.

Digicel PNG Senior Vice-President, Lorna McPherson stated that Digicel took up the initiative as a responsible corporate organization and its contribution towards human resource development.

Amazing Port Moresby’s Christmas Carol’s 2022

The Amazing Port Moresby Carols by the Sea aims to provide fun and family-oriented entertainment for city residents during the festive season.

To be hosted in a in a safe environment, the program will celebrate the diversity of cultures in a uniting and peaceful spirt of Christmas.

This year’s lineup includes artists like Trio West Papua and Justin Wellington.

Digicel continues to improve connectivity in Tonga

The service was restored following the set-up of a satellite link which had capacity limitations.

Digicel Regional CEO, Shally Jannif, said; “As soon as the link was opened up and international calls got restored last night, we saw an influx of callers as there were up to 200 simultaneous calls. We know that a lot of people tried to call their loved ones in Tonga but were having issues with connection. Today, our technical team did further upgrades on the link and we are pleased to announce that now 400 calls can be done at a time.”