Colin Stone

Rates dropped during network issues: CEO

The issue started at 2pm on Friday, preventing customers from purchasing Digicel’s data and voice bundles.

CEO Colin Stone said it was brought to their attention immediately, where Digicel responded by dropping voice and data out of bundle rates to enable customers to still use the service.

“As well as that, we saw people could not buy the TV services that we offer,” Stone stated. “So we made TV free-to-air for the weekend. That way customers could still keep abreast of current events; they could still watch their TV during that period.”

Digicel PNG welcomes new COO

Stone joins Digicel PNG with deep experience in the telecom industry and a reputation for driving innovation and growth throughout his career.

“We are thrilled to welcome Colin on board, a seasoned telecom industry executive, bringing extensive knowledge, experience and operational skills to Digicel PNG,” said Oliver Coughlan, Digicel Pacific CEO. “His strong wide ranging skillset with a focus on staff engagement growth and development of new business opportunities will help Digicel PNG reach the next stage of growth and innovation.”