Business houses urged to take on clean-up campaign

The campaign is an initiative of the Sustainable Coastlines PNG (SCPNG) in partnership with the National Capital District Commission and runs from October 17 to November 13.

The campaign will involve clean-up events for registered groups throughout the four week period.

SCPNG founder and chief executive officer Ryley Webster said this is a fantastic opportunity to involve businesses and staff in meaningful and educational activities.

Webster said these activities will contribute to improved environmental and social outcomes.

Police describe Gordon market as 'haven for criminals'

This comes after a recent attack of young woman over the weekend at the Gordon bus stop who had only hoped off a bus when some petty crime youngsters cut her hand to steal her hand bag.

NCDC Superintendent for Operations Brian Kombe said Gordon market is now becoming a zone for criminals who are looking for an easy way out.

“Gordon is Gordon and everybody knows Gordon market and the happenings that go down here every day,” he said.

NCDC carries out awareness at Nine-Mile

The program was to create dialogue about social issues faced by people in the area.

This follows an invitation to  officers from the Gender Desk to carry out awareness in the area.

The invitation was further extended to other divisions and sections of NCDC to form a group and do community education awareness to the people of Nine-Mile.

NCDC Gender Officer Kay Kaugla says  more  than 5,000 people live in this area they were in need of  more information and awareness  according to the leaders of the Morobe Community.

School to petition NCDC over road construction

The school has more than 800 students and is situated next to Gabi Village, Poreporena with the classrooms located near the road running from Kanudi to Hanuabada By-Pass round-about.

The main concern raised was that there was no consultation with those affected prior to work done on the road.

Head teacher Lucy Badu said since the start of the construction last year, the school has been severely affected with the different types of pollution including noise, dust and human waste.

Appeal against Yama Securities to be heard in August

 The matter was set for hearing today by the High Court after the National Capital District Commission filed an appeal challenging that payment.

The damage payment stems from a breach of contract between NCDC and Yama Securities more than 16 years ago.

The National Court on March 2, ordered NCDC to pay Yama Security Services (YSS) Ltd a total of K17,871,510 in damages for breaching a contract. The case had been in court since 1999.

Yama Securities payment case returns

Damage payment to Yama Securities Limited by NCDC was stayed on April 20 after lawyers agreed to stay the K17 million payments until June 30, pending NCDC’s appeal against the decision of the National Court.  

NCDC is appealing this decision on 10 grounds. It is seeking orders from the Supreme Court to have the National Court’s decision of March 2 be quashed.

On March 2 this year, the National Court awarded damages plus interest to the sum of K17, 817,510 to Yama Securities after the National Capital District breached a contract it had with the security firm.


Yama Securities payment for damages stayed by Court

A consented stay was ordered by the Supreme Court today after lawyers representing Yama Securities and NCDC returned to court this afternoon.

NCD warns smugglers of mustard as new cases arise

And he's warned people to refrain from bringing the mustard stick into the capital city.

This call follows new reports of mustard  bags being confiscated by NCD officials last week.

Komboi says the mustard is an integral part of the buai chewing process and as such it will not be tolerated.

PNG Loop spoke with Michael Mon, a duty officer at the NCD Tarpot area who said this morning alone under the cover of rain, a car tried to smuggle ten bags of mustard into the city but was intercepted by NCD officers at the Erima area.

Buai ban operations cut back

Buai Ban Controller Honk Kiap tells PNG Loop that while the city has seen a general clean up in image in the long run the issue has more to do with the consumers than the sales man and woman.

Kiap admits there is a need for a review on how the city can effectively approach the issue.

Kiap says officers are aware of the re-emergence of buai markets at Gerehu, Morata, Taurama and Hanuabada but are rethinking their strategy in light of constraints.

Vendor: Confusion on NCDC ban

But the 54 year old father of three says that unlike his Buai (betelnut) peddling partners he is still being targeted by the NCD foot patrol crew.

Hare claims that he has lost almost K1500 worth of merchandise in the past four months because of the “constant harassment’’ that he has had to face from the NCD enforcement officers who have been abusing him often.

He claims that at one stage they held him up after a good weekend of sales and walked off with almost K800 in cash as well as a full carton of eggs.