Improved education quality in NCD

The signing of an MOU between the National Department of Education and the NCDC this week is a relief.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop has expressed that it is a relief as the groundwork in the form of an MOU was signed in 2016 for the former education minister, now minister for HERST, Nick Kuman. He reassured the Department of Education that the partnership will continue.

Drainage issues being resolved

 This follows complaints from residents over poor drainage that is highlighted time and again in the wet season.

 NCDC Disaster Coordinator, James Pepa, has confirmed that a team started fixing the drains after the heavy downpour recently.

They have started at Boroko and are working towards the Waigani - Tokarara area.

Pepa said the current system was planned years ago, adding the city developed with more houses and properties being built while the drainage system was not taken into consideration.

NCDC’s tough stance against graffiti

On Friday May 22nd, Governor for NCD Powes Parkop announced that he has decided to stop the sale of spray paint, and companies trading these items will need to work with NCDC to prevent more graffiti.

Parkop said if citizens are not going to respect public and private property, the authorities will step up surveillance and implement the penalties.

“Graffiti is a menace. Those who are defacing public and private properties, are not artists,” said the governor.

NCDC continues betelnut spittle war

The irresponsible behaviour of betelnut chewers, spitting the red liquid all over public infrastructure, is only going to maintain the ban on betelnut for as long as the National Capital District Commission is concerned.

Governor for NCD, Powes Parkop, is not letting his guard down over the COVID-19 situation, and SoE or no SoE, he is maintaining the betelnut ban simply because residents continue to be irresponsible with their betelnut waste.

Among the actions that will be taken, PMVs and taxis are to refuse passengers chewing betelnut.

Governor Parkop assures Central people

Parkop called on Port Moresby residents to respect the central people and let them have access to the markets and services available in the city.

“When Central people come in, they are entitled to go to market, entitled to go to the hospital, to go to the schools, to go to allocated government services that is here that will have benefit to both National Capital and Central province. I want to make that very clear.”

NCD betelnut market to be converted

NCD Governor Powes Parkop announced this yesterday in the presence of the acting City Manager, Ravu Frank, Housing and Urbanisation Minister Justin Tkatchenko and contractors manning the Eight-Mile betelnut wholesale market, which will be converted into a vegetable market space.

The plan to convert the betelnut market is in partnership with the Ministry of Housing and Urbanisation and National Housing Corporation.

NCDC announces COVID-19 plan

The plan is in line with the National Government’s commitment to make sure that the country contains the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

Governor Powes Parkop says the city must be prepared.

“It is very important that we must understand that there is a high price to pay if we fail to prepare. To be prepared for an emergency, we must plan as follows, plan on their reduction of the risk, we must be in a state of readiness and we must respond and have a plan to recover,” Parkop stated.

Illegal to chew, sell buai in public areas: NCDC

The National Capital District Commission reiterated on January 13th in light of a confrontation involving its security guards and a bus driver with his crew.

The incident happened on Sunday along the Waigani Drive when the security guards, who are manning the street lights to ensure sales and chewing of betelnut are prohibited, intervened to apprehend a driver who was allegedly caught red-handed chewing betelnut inside the PMV bus at the Waigani traffic signals.

Drainage system needs fixing: Residents

With the heavy downpour, most yards are waterlogged, posing a health and safety risk for families.

Gerehu stage 1 gets inundated every time there is a heavy downpour.

It has been that way the past four years, since the Gerehu to Nine-Mile road was constructed.

Ten families living there are blaming NCDC and contractors for the poor drainage system that was left after the completion of the road.

They are now calling on NCD Governor Powes Parkop to relocate them, as they believe it is no longer safe.

Flyover area to be monitored

However, illegal vending and the use of the area underneath the flyover have given rise to criminal and other illegal activities.

The National Capital District Commission says the area under the flyover is now out of bound and penalties will be imposed to intruders.

NCDC Regulatory Services and City Manager Bernard Kipit say effective as of March 22nd, all vending and commuting under the area beneath the Kumul Flyover must be stopped.