City Manager Bernard Kipit

Illegal to chew, sell buai in public areas: NCDC

The National Capital District Commission reiterated on January 13th in light of a confrontation involving its security guards and a bus driver with his crew.

The incident happened on Sunday along the Waigani Drive when the security guards, who are manning the street lights to ensure sales and chewing of betelnut are prohibited, intervened to apprehend a driver who was allegedly caught red-handed chewing betelnut inside the PMV bus at the Waigani traffic signals.

Eki Vaki primary cleared for classes

The school was closed indefinitely when it was declared unfit for human occupancy by NCDC Health Inspectors owing to poor sanitary facilities, deteriorating classrooms and poor management of waste within the school.

Specific defects revealed by the inspection were deteriorating ablution buildings, malfunctioning water closets, no hand wash basins, toilets closed and insufficient sanitary facilities compared to the number of students and nil provision of drinking water taps.