NCDC’s tough stance against graffiti

On Friday May 22nd, Governor for NCD Powes Parkop announced that he has decided to stop the sale of spray paint, and companies trading these items will need to work with NCDC to prevent more graffiti.

Parkop said if citizens are not going to respect public and private property, the authorities will step up surveillance and implement the penalties.

“Graffiti is a menace. Those who are defacing public and private properties, are not artists,” said the governor.

​Beautiful mural vandalised

In a statement, RSPCA said: “This mural was painted by the internationally renowned PNG artist, the late Martin Morubabuna, in 2010.”

Thankfully, an air conditioning firm stepped in to lend a helping hand.

“South Pacific Air Conditioning is an avid supporter of the RSPCA of PNG and over the years, has donated and contributed to many of our needs, including having the graffiti cleaned,” stated RSPCA.