Wet season

Wet Conditions Delay JT 9s

One affected league tournament is the much-anticipated JT Cup Rugby League 9s, scheduled to run from March 8-13th, 2022. However, the challenge has been delayed by a week due to continuous rain and wet grounds at the South Side Stadium in Kaugere.

Tournament Director, Bagelo Solien said the main concern would be damage to the playing surface, which is risky for the players and may cause injuries.

Drainage system needs fixing: Residents

With the heavy downpour, most yards are waterlogged, posing a health and safety risk for families.

Gerehu stage 1 gets inundated every time there is a heavy downpour.

It has been that way the past four years, since the Gerehu to Nine-Mile road was constructed.

Ten families living there are blaming NCDC and contractors for the poor drainage system that was left after the completion of the road.

They are now calling on NCD Governor Powes Parkop to relocate them, as they believe it is no longer safe.

Dress smart this wet season

Get comfortable so you’re not caught off-guard, cold and shivering at the end of the day.

Here’s a few tips on what to do or have and what not to do or have:

1. Umbrella 

An umbrella is the only other accessory you must never forget. Arm yourself with something you can comfortably maneuver in the chaos of this weather.

2. Rain coat/ Poncho

With the strong winds, rain coat or a poncho are better options to keep dry. These are waterproof or water-resistant worn to protect the body from the rain.

Wet season reaches peak: Weather service

The National Weather Service predicts that parts of the country will experience heavier rainfalls with threats of flooding and very strong winds.

Assistant director of Forecasting and Warning Centre at the National Weather Service, Jimmy Gomoga, says the current weather forecast shows normal wet weather conditions throughout the country, with much of the rain experienced in the Highlands Region.

He says the rainy season should wind down in April/May and we should reach normal dry period in June.

Weather office urges people to take heed of warnings

PNGNWS reported that PNG is well into the wet season and will experience strong winds throughout January and February.

PNGNWS assistant director Jimmy Gomoga said that for these two months, people should be wary of those warnings issued.

Gomoga said: “People must look out for our warnings every time and adhere to our warnings, and try to avoid being caught up in floods or storms.

“Those on land should not go out to the forest when these warnings are issued in case of trees falling on them or avoid going outdoors to avoid powerlines falling on them.

PNG to experience below average rainfall during wet season

The PNG National Weather Service confirmed that the country is now well into the wet season although there was a delay in the formation of the La Nina leading to below average rainfall.

PNGNWS assistant director Jimmy Gomoga said the La Nina normally starts in November and ends in April, however  the wet weather started only in December. 

Gomoga explained that the delay was due to the fact that the interaction between the atmosphere and the oceans was established late hence the delay.

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PNG urged to prepare for wet season


Papua New Guinea must prepare for the wet season already occurring, says the PNG National Weather Service (PNGNWS).

Governors sign Kroton Option


PNG urged to prepare for wet season

Heavy rain is currently experienced throughout the country during this festive period and will continue into the new year as the northwest monsoon period creeps in.

During the northwest monsoon or La Niña period, the warmest waters are located closer to Australia and PNG thereby bring increased rainfall occurrences towards our region.

PNGNWS reported that La Niña events tend to but not always brings above normal rainfall across the country and in worst case scenarios, causes floods and landslides especially in the Highlands.

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Controversial Goroka market to be built: Soso


The controversial Goroka Market will be rebuilt early next year, says Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso.

PNG starts to experience wet season

PNG Games to proceed on schedule dates in 2017

Minister for Sports, National Events and APEC tells Loop PNG  says the dates can’t be changed due to the election next year.

“We can’t change the times because we are looking at the school holidays, were also looking at the elections in April, where the writs are issued, so we have to balance all these things out before the elections.

“So the PNG games will stay as the date recommended by the PNG Games Council. Simple! Said Tkatchenko.