Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary

Settlers seek refuge

The NCD Police reported that three to four hundred settlers were escorted by members of the PNGDF into the Barracks, for their own safety and security last night, at around 10.30pm.

The group feared getting caught in the middle of any spill over incidents, following the gruesome killing of man from Goilala.

Early yesterday morning, CCTV from a shop along the Koki road, caught two unidentified man attacking the deceased with machetes, before running off.

The deceased was left lying on the roadside until day break.

RPNGC revamp of ethical standards

This move is intended to win back public trust and confidence in the Constabulary, says Acting Deputy Commissioner Operations David Manning.

Since assuming office, the Tokura administration has identified flaws within the Internal Affairs Directorate which is causing a lot of court-sanctioned reinstatement of members who are supposedly penalised and dismissed from the organisation.

Female officer upholds law, order on Samarai

For the past 10 years Sergeant Samson has been the lead crime fighter on remote Samarai Island in Milne Bay Province as the officer in charge of an all-male unit comprising two constables and eight reservists who police the several hundred locals living there.

8 police officers promoted

Three Chief Superintendents were promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioners, two to Chief Superintendents, one to Superintendent and one to Inspector. They include:

Easipay metres for police houses

Assistant Commissioner in-charge-of-logistics, Tony Duwang, said to conform to this government directive, the Constabulary is now installing Easipay metres in NCD and some parts of the country.

The directive in the 2011 Budget is being constantly reproduced by the Department of Treasury and administratively circulated in what is termed as a Non-Financial Instruction (NFI) to respective government departments, calling for the implementation of cost cutting measures.

RPNGC members awarded

The event was hosted on August 13 at the Stanley Hotel and Suites in Port Moresby.

The Royal Solomon Islands Police’s International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal was presented by the Deputy Commissioner of Police and Chief of Operations, Jim Andrews, in appreciation of the efforts of the PNG police in helping to restore law and order after a civil disorder in 2000 in the Solomon Islands.

Crime fighters trained in latest fraud, investigation techniques

By the end of the year, almost 80 police officers will have received specialist training in investigation and prosecution of fraud and corruption. 

The RPNGC Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate is conducting the Fraud

Investigations and Prosecutions course nationally. The training was held for 28 officers from the New Guinea Islands Region in Kokopo, East New Britain recently.  

Police women revive Women’s Advisory Network

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary recently revived its Women’s Advisory Network (WAN), which is strengthening the skillsets of members as part of its effort to improve work conditions for female officers and the quality of community police services.

The organisation is volunteer-driven and provides an advocacy platform for police women to address issues such as harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

27 cadet officers trained on discipline

There are six females and 21 male cadet officers undergoing a program for three weeks on disciplinary procedures.

Director for Police Internal Affairs, Chief Superintendent Robert Ali, said discipline is everyone’s responsibility and instilling such behaviour and character at an early stage in the cadets’ training is important for the Constabulary.

During Ali’s presentation, he mentioned that discipline applies to everyone within the Police Commissioner’s command and control value chain, regardless of gender, culture, religion or social status.

Brush up on security for SOM2

However, with the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary playing the role as the agency responsible in supporting the government to deliver the APEC Summit - the RPNGC is ready.

Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, made this reassuring statement, adding that with the assistance given by the Australian Federal Police, the constabulary has come a long way with its preparations towards delivering the first senior officials’ meet in Port Moresby.