Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary


"NCD/Central Command has an operational charge to bring the situation in Port Moresby under control, to stop the looting and to move crowds off the streets as the immediate priority," Commissioner Manning said.

"Police have been working through the afternoon, dispersing crowds moving around with a pack mentality. People who do not comply with police directions will be detained and locked up for processing.

Police to launch website

Commissioner David Manning said the website will redefine the Constabulary engagement with the community and the approach to modern policing in the digital space.

“This platform is a key component of our Digital Development Initiative. Through this initiative, we aim to provide our officers with modern technology tools and digital solutions that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of police operations and enhance the delivery of police service to the public,” he said.

RPNGC improving police clearance service

Employers and other organizations require a Police Clearance Certificate as a document that clears an individual and confirms that the applicant has no criminal record or is not a person of interest.

The National Criminal Records Office of the Crimes Division of the RPNGC issues the certificate, which is valid for one year from the date of issue.

50 police officers trained

The training was facilitated by the Papua New Guinea Australian Policing Partnership (PNGAPP) with the aim of equipping members with the skills to approach the public with confidence when carrying out their duties as police officers, especially when restraining and arresting offenders.

Suspects arrested over damages in Kerowagi

The incident occurred on February 19 at Mingende in the Kerowagi District.

According to Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Superintendent Epenes Nili, the police intervened and arrested the suspects who were under the influence of alcohol when they allegedly stoned the bus. Their arrest prevented a potential tribal conflict from erupting.

The suspects were arrested and charged on February 20. In retaliation, the owner of the bus and his clansman attacked the suspects on Monday, leading to a stone-throwing battle where many people received minor injuries from both sides.

Police Prosecution Unit Boosted

The Prosecutions unit has been experiencing transportation issues in the recent past affecting their performance at times causing members of the unit in being late for court or missing court sessions.

Commissioner Manning said, “Going to court and successfully prosecuting our cases is what policing is all about. Apprehending criminals is one part of our job. If we do not go to court on time or at all then the hard work we have done in capturing suspects, will all be in vain and criminals will walk the streets free to commit crime again.”

RPNGC appoints new ACPs

Police Commissioner David Manning officiated the ceremony at the Police Headquarters in Konedobu on Monday 17 January. The ceremony was witnessed by Deputy Commissioner Administration Joanne Clarkson and Deputy Commissioner Operations Anton Billie.

The officers promoted to Assistant Commissioner’s rank include:

Policemen Undergo Anti-Money Laundering Workshop

At the opening of the training, US Embassy’s Federal Bureau of Investigation Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Joseph Zadrozny addressed the participants and thanked the RPNGC for their support of a safer and more transparent PNG.

“Transnational crime threatens all of us, Americans and Papua New Guineans. In June, President Biden made it a mandate to bring transparency to the global financial system and close loopholes that undermine democracy.

Partnership agreement to be drafted

Mr Mosoro said the PNGFA and the Royal PNG Constabulary will work towards drafting a partnership agreement to address these issues.

Mr Mosoro has met with Acting Deputy Commissioner Operations Donald Yamasombi, and raised four concerns which included law and order at forestry project sites, harassment of forestry officers; training forestry officers to undertake policing roles; and PNGFA involvement in the Police Legacy System (PLS).


East Sepik gets eight new police vehicles

Governor Allan Bird said the purpose of these vehicles was help the police carry out their jobs effectively throughout the province and in parts of the West Sepik as well.

Governor Bird said East Sepik has the second largest population of 800,000 and with only 170 police personnel, it is quite difficult to service the wider population given the limited resources.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations Donald Yamasombi thanked Governor Bird for seeing the need in resourcing police in the province, to cover more areas in the province and enforce law and order.