Police presence maintained at hotspots

The police commanders from the three zones in NCD reported no major incidents this week due to police presence in hotspot areas within the city.

According to NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika, the city was quiet on Wednesday 25th January 2023, during the heavy downpour, where there were reports of flood along the road.

He said Erima, Waigani, Hohola were flooded and police officers were present and kept opportunists away from the traveling public.

Impassable due to rains

Magi Highway commuters, in Central Province, reported that certain sections of the road proved to be impassable during the weekend.

The Kalamona Bridge for one, in the Rigo district, was submerged by flood water.

Commuters had to spend Friday night on the other side of the road until the water ebbed the next day.

Three motor vehicle accidents were reported in that particular section as well though fortunately, no lives were lost.

Bypass for affected North Coast villages

This follows recent heavy rain, showers and thunderstorms causing flooding and landslides associated with the monsoon trough in East New Britain.

On Thursday (Feb 21) Wong engaged road machinery and using his personal funds, paid for fuel drums. He directed East New Britain provincial works technical team on site and created a bypass to allow local businesses and commuters to use the road again.

Families homeless after widespread flooding

Newly appointed Caritas coordinator of the Archdiocese of Rabaul, Fr. Gabriel Pabet, had the chance to visit some of these families who are currently taking refuge at St. Joseph’s Malagunan Parish hall, and also visited the village to make his own assessment.

He said Malagunan No 3 village comprises of five zones, of which zones 1 and 2 consist of seven small Christian communities and are the ones heavily affected, noting that the number of families affected is due to rise as more people are entering the Parish grounds.

Heavy rain warning issued

These are associated with monsoon trough to be experienced in the coming days in some areas of Southern, Momase, Highlands and New Guinea Islands Region.

Heavy rains are forecasted to occur and persist over the areas mentioned within the next 18 to 24 hours, causing flooding and landslides.

All affected communities or areas are asked to take necessary precautions.

Bialla bridges washed off

Three bridges have been washed off in the Biala LLG, cutting off road access to Kimbe town.   

On Saturday night, the third bridge got washed away, forcing people to resort to wet crossing.

Abel Taukuro told this newsroom from Biala that two bridges, in Soi and Kolai river, were washed away last Thursday.

On Saturday night, the bridge at Imule, that separates central and east Nakanai, also gave way to floods.

People are now doing wet crossing, while PMVs wait on either sides of the highway.


Drainage system needs fixing: Residents

With the heavy downpour, most yards are waterlogged, posing a health and safety risk for families.

Gerehu stage 1 gets inundated every time there is a heavy downpour.

It has been that way the past four years, since the Gerehu to Nine-Mile road was constructed.

Ten families living there are blaming NCDC and contractors for the poor drainage system that was left after the completion of the road.

They are now calling on NCD Governor Powes Parkop to relocate them, as they believe it is no longer safe.

Child in critical condition following strong winds

Five others also suffered injuries as a result of houses collapsing from the impact of the wind.

Close to 40 permanent houses were damaged; some had their roofs blown off by winds described by locals as cyclone.

12 extended kitchen houses were blown down including four outhouses (toilets).

A care centre has been set up at the Community Hall for those families affected.

Be prepared this wet season

Get comfortable so you’re not caught off-guard, cold and shivering at the end of the day.

Here are a few tips on what to do or have:

  1. Umbrella 

An umbrella is the only other accessory you must never forget. Arm yourself with something you can comfortably manoeuvre in the chaos of this weather.

The aftermath

But the aftermath of the past few days is still evident.

The Laloki River just outside NCD flooded its banks late yesterday.

It flowed into residential areas and was about waist deep by this morning.

Resident Agnes Moroi said this is a usual yearly occurrence, one that greatly affects residents of the area.

Families were forced to harvest their gardens, commuting into the area stopped and other daily routines slowed.

Some families had to relocate their livestock and find a temporary option until the flood level goes down.