West New Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

PNG Games to proceed on schedule dates in 2017

Minister for Sports, National Events and APEC tells Loop PNG  says the dates can’t be changed due to the election next year.

“We can’t change the times because we are looking at the school holidays, were also looking at the elections in April, where the writs are issued, so we have to balance all these things out before the elections.

“So the PNG games will stay as the date recommended by the PNG Games Council. Simple! Said Tkatchenko.

Service providers affected by Games deferral

West New Britain Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Ian O’Hanlon, tells PNG Loop that the deferral has been met with both good and bad reactions.

For service providers the deferral has hurt planning and budgeting made in advance to prepare for the Kimbe Games.

He said many guesthouses, hotels, schools, churches, women’s groups, wholesalers and retailers have overcommitted in preparation for a huge influx of people in November.

“Now budgets have been blown and the service providers have to hang on and survive for a few more months,” said O’Hanlon.