Wet season reaches peak: Weather service

The wet season in the country is now reaching its peak with more rain expected in the coming weeks.

The National Weather Service predicts that parts of the country will experience heavier rainfalls with threats of flooding and very strong winds.

Assistant director of Forecasting and Warning Centre at the National Weather Service, Jimmy Gomoga, says the current weather forecast shows normal wet weather conditions throughout the country, with much of the rain experienced in the Highlands Region.

He says the rainy season should wind down in April/May and we should reach normal dry period in June.

For the weather forecast this week, normal wet conditions should be experienced throughout the country with heavy rains commencing this weekend for Central and Milne Bay provinces, including parts of East and West New Britain.

Gomoga says these parts of the country should brace themselves for very heavy rain, which might cause flooding.

Strong winds of up to 64 knots or “storm force” winds are also predicted this weekend along coastal areas.

Precaution must be taken by those living at coastal areas when going out at sea this weekend.

Charmaine Poriambep