PNG's first bridal shop unveiled

 Recognizing the increasing demand for fashion-forward options among PNG women, the duo ventured into uncharted territory to cater to the evolving needs of brides-to-be and bridal parties.

The Bridal Accessories & Fabric Shop aims to alleviate the daunting task of selecting the perfect attire for a special day. From exquisite bridal gowns to outfits for the entire bridal party, the shop promises a diverse array of options.

PNG Fashion week host commercial shows

The show started yesterday, 13th September, 2023.

Director of PNG Fashion week, Philma Kelegai, said these small shows are a lead up to the NGCB Paradise Runway at the Hilton Hotel this Saturday 16th, September.

“Rangeview reached out to me, so we are really lucky and pleased. I think they recognized what we do so the. They also recognized what we do with our kids and we promote products the way we hype for fashion week so they wanted to take advantage of that and engage with us to market and promote.

PNG fashion empowered through collaboration

This partnership is set to significantly propel the Papua New Guinean fashion community forward, as Kenny PNG Ltd's generous donation of K20,000 will fuel Kreativ Haus's initiatives in nurturing and empowering local designers and artisans.

Kenny Ng, the owner of Kenny PNG Ltd, expressed his belief in the power of businesses to positively impact society.

Everyday People: Bonnie Naua - Preserving Cultural Heritage through Fashion

As a member of the Koke Gubarei Idibana 1 Clan, known for canoe building and clay pottery, Naua incorporates traditional patterns into her designs to keep her cultural heritage alive. Papua New Guinea, the world’s third-largest island nation, is home to over 1,000 different culture groups and 839 known languages.

Naua honed her skills at the PNG Garment and Textile Training Center in Port Moresby, after receiving a sewing machine as a gift.

Rotuman mother pursues passion for fashion

Ravai Titifanue opened her online fashion boutique The Colour Closet two months ago, hoping to bring popping bright outfits to New Zealanders all year round.

Based in Wellington, Titifanue sells Pacific-inspired women's clothing that ranges from casual to formal.

She says her love for colour is heavily influenced by her upbringing on Rotuma Island and being surrounded by hues and arrays of colours from the hills to the ocean.

Dress smart this wet season

Get comfortable so you’re not caught off-guard, cold and shivering at the end of the day.

Here’s a few tips on what to do or have and what not to do or have:

1. Umbrella 

An umbrella is the only other accessory you must never forget. Arm yourself with something you can comfortably maneuver in the chaos of this weather.

2. Rain coat/ Poncho

With the strong winds, rain coat or a poncho are better options to keep dry. These are waterproof or water-resistant worn to protect the body from the rain.

Dressed for the race

As is the case, Royal Papua Yatch Club joined in on the fun.

Organising a mini fashion show in partnership with the PNG Fashion Designers and Retailers Association.

The fashion show featured staff from the yacht club as well as the six contestants of Miss Pacific Islands Pageant PNG.

Showing off a variety of categories from beach wear, work wear, evening/cocktail and bridal wear.

But focus was not only on the runway.

In the spirit of the race, participants at the lunch came dressed up.

Dresses, hats, and hair, on point glamour.

Harry Styles T-shirt cost more

Fans noticed that while XS, small and medium sizes cost $40 (£29), large, XL and XXL shirts cost $45 (£33).

The company selling merchandise at his LA gig says it was an error.

"There was a mistake in size pricing at [Wednesday] night's show," according to a representative for Live Nation. "Harry and his team were unaware and this has now been rectified."

Harry Styles opened his North America tour in San Francisco on Tuesday before playing at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

This fashion designer makes clothes for dead bodies

From silk shrouds to delicate cotton coverings, her business — as a fashion designer and certified funeral celebrant — is to create outfits that mark and manifest the body's transition from living to dead.

Working with clients, who are either terminally ill or very forward-looking, she tailors funeral garments and rituals to suit individual needs.

"It's certainly not the career path I imagined I was going to be getting into," says Dr Interlandi, who completed her PhD project, [A]Dressing Death: Fashioning Garments for the Grave, at Melbourne's RMIT.

India crowns its first transgender beauty queen

Miss Transqueen India aimed to celebrate gender fluidity and enhance the profile of India's trans community, with the winner being presented with an opportunity to represent India at the International Queen pageant in Thailand in March 2018.

Like other pageants, the event featured plenty of glitter and rhinestones, but unlike other pageants, Miss Transqueen India made a point of declaring all the participants "winners," in recognition of their struggle for acceptance and recognition.