Fashion icon Jimmy Choo chooses Noongar artist's design for women's shoe

West Australian-based Noongar man Peter Farmer, who grew up in the regional town of Gnowangerup, said he had been approached by the fashion giant through mutual friend Catherine Birch, and was given an opportunity to display his artwork in person.

"We went and had breakfast and I'd taken some of my artwork," he said.

"The artwork that was chosen is the blue wren, which is my Aboriginal totem, [and] is something that I've painted for a long time, is significant to me and looks really nice on the shoe."

Teen model meets fashion idols after beating cancer

Two years on from her Ewing's sarcoma diagnosis, Ms Harris is in remission and on a high after meeting two of the world's fashion greats at Sydney's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

"I was given five days down in Sydney to meet my idols. I met Alex Perry the designer and Samantha Harris the Indigenous model," she said about her recent Make a Wish experience.

War on waste: Recycling denim into paper

Paperworks is a not-for-profit social enterprise that uses the art of papermaking to engage marginalised people and those with special needs.

"We were using cardboard and recycled paper in the first few sessions but it was unforgiving and had lacklustre results," chief executive Susanna Pieterse said.

"We started looking into using textiles and became aware of the great need to recycle textiles — more than 80 per cent of denim actually ends up in landfill.

"We found the longer fibres of textiles helped the paper hold together better.

Rise of clothes swapping helps make a small dent in the war on fashion waste

Instead, she plans to only buy pre-loved or recycled wear by joining in the increasingly popular and frequent clothes-swapping events popping up around Sydney and around the country.

"I've got an amazing wardrobe already, I don't really need anything else and I'm trying to back away from the fast fashion, buying news — there's no need," Ms Child said.

Sick of fast fashion? Here are five ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable

Clare Press, fashion writer and editor, described this as her "canary in the coalmine moment" — the point at which she decided to become a passionate advocate of slow fashion.

She cites a study from 2006 that found British women were consuming four times as many clothes as their 1980 counterparts, and sending 30kg of textiles and clothing to landfill annually.

Cheap Asian fabric killing PNG designers

“We don’t really have a market anymore,” says Natasha Tamanabae, an emerging designer in the local scene.

Tamanbae’s Baiwa brand started off with her popular shoe range and has successfully matured into a fashion line including outfits.

But describing it from the designers view, the struggle is real.

Tamanabae says fabric is one of the most difficult things to find here in PNG.

“Major factor affecting our growth is because we cannot find the right material to use for our dresses so we have to order it overseas,” she says.

Harper Beckham is now a trademark

The fashion designer has registered "Harper Beckham" with intellectual property authorities in Britain and Europe.

It'll allow her to bring out branded products including toys and clothing, and also protects Harper's name in the entertainment industry.

The names of Victoria and David Beckham's three other children have also been registered.

The application, filed on 22 December, says Victoria is the holder of the rights as parent and guardian.

Trump's modelling agency 'closing down'

In a leaked email supposedly seen by the New York Post and Mother Jones, Trump Models' president Corinne Nicolas allegedly reveals the closure to staff.

Last week, employees said the agency was operating as normal, but this new email claims the organisation wants to focus on their other businesses.

'Fake' fur sold on UK high street found to contain cat fur

Featured on a pair of pink high heeled shoes, the fur had been advertised as fake.

Animal rights campaigners Humane Society International (HSI) and Sky News discovered the fur, after a tip-off from a concerned customer.

Missguided says it has a strict no fur policy and removed them from sale after being informed of the findings.

They are now planning on launching an internal investigation with suppliers.

The European Union bans the sale of cat and dog fur.

The biggest game changer in African fashion is...the internet

In 2014, when Beyoncé was spotted wearing a skirt and jacket from South African brand Kisua, it sold out in days. The musician's stylist had come across the brand online.

"The internet is a great leveler," says Kisua's Ghanaian founder Samuel Mensah. "The speed with which you can access markets and can generate awareness about your brand is unprecedented in the history of fashion."