Could this be what our faces will look like in the future?

The brain integrates ourselves into a functioning, unconscious whole. We feel the cladding only when something goes wrong, something as simple and universal as an infestation of lice. Then the contours of the head become very apparent and our goal -- eradication and oblivion -- becomes imperative.

Melbourne Cup 2016: Punters go mad for hatters and headwear

Milliners and men's hatters are cashing in on the popularity of headwear and say the racing season is their busiest time of year.

"Without Melbourne Cup Carnival we wouldn't survive. That's the crux of it," milliner Kim Fletcher said.

I would make at least 80 per cent of my income at this time of year."

Ms Fletcher has lost count of the hats, fascinators and headbands she has made in her crowded workshop this year, but is confident of one thing: it is all a bit of fun.

Muslim model Mariah Idrissi breaking down barriers in fashion world

She did not know it then, but that was to be a turning point in her life.

The woman was Coralie Rose, a street casting director who hunts out fresh new talent among the crowds of ordinary people in this huge city.

"I'm looking for people who remind me of myself," she said.

"I come from a mixed race family. And when I was growing up there were very few people of colour or mixed race families on TV and it's always something I've wanted to see more of."

She saw that in Idrissi when she walked by wearing a hijab and a nose ring.

Rihanna stuns as modern Marie Antoinette in CR Fashion Book

Wearing a pink corset with long sleeves embellished with pink bows and French lace, a simple red ribbon choker around her neck and her face partly obscured by cigar smoke, Rihanna looks straight at Terry Richardson's lens, oozing the provocative allure of a modern day Marie Antoinette for CR Fashion Book's ninth issue, themed around the doomed French queen.

10 designers to showcase fashion on Project Runway

While a few of them have made names both locally and internationally, a few are fresh faces into the industry.

This response has overwhelmed the organising committee, who aims to identify from the runway, a fashion stylist for the Miss PNG entrant to the Miss Pacific Island Pageant.

Deputy Chairperson of the Miss Pacific Island Pageant (MPIP) PNG Molly O’Rourke said:

“This goes to show there is so much talent and potential in our arts and we, the Project Runway, are only gleaning the tip of the iceberg.”

Designers introduced are:

'Star Trek’'s Idris Elba brings his personal style to Superdry

In fact, his tailored look burnishes the swirling rumours of being considered for the next James Bond. In the meantime, Elba’s style shines through his premium menswear collection with British lifestyle brand Superdry.

Now in its second season, Elba’s line launched in November 2015 in the U.K. This month marks the U.S. launch at the new flagship store in New York City’s Herald Square.

Growth of Fashion Industry in PNG

“Of course as a business owner, you do want to grow and you do want to improve and expand and I don’t think I really thought that this was going to be as popular as it is.”

The runway was staged on the anniversary of the Stella Magazine, celebrating its second birthday.

The idea behind was to bring to life the magazine, especially when a lot of the magazine content covered fashion and the modelling aspect.

But basically, the runway really was aimed at capturing different ways that people can be creative.

From bark to fashion wear

A story that is still being written and may take another generation of the Maisin to write the concluding paragraphs.

For now let's look at the humble beginnings of the bark cloth that is slowly wedging a space for itself in a highly competitive emerging market of traditional items that have commercial value.

In 1986 I stumbled into the PNG Arts shop at Gordons in Port Moresby.

How to make your style your own, think like a fashion editor

Even if you're not a fashion editor yourself, chances are that you've honed in on a few key "looks" that work for you. Maybe it's a classic jeans and T-shirt combo. Maybe it's a shift dress. Regardless, what really makes a "look" your own is the extra effort—a.k.a. the accessories.

Don't worry though, no need to keep up with crazy trends or splurge on designer labels to personalize your outfit. To take your staple items into new territory, assert your individuality by curating your outfit with new pieces that are special to you.

Princess Diana's iconic fashion put on display in Royal exhibit

Now, some of those incredibly iconic looks are getting their own display at a new exhibit in Kensington Palace.

The Fashion Rules Restyled exhibition—which was first launched several years ago and is now seeing a reincarnation—not only boasts tribute to Princess Diana and her game-changing style, but also to the late Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth II, as they are arguably the three most watched royals of all time.