BSP to provide home loan guidance at expo

BSP General Manager – Retail, Paul Thornton, expressed this when announcing the newly reduced BSP Standard Home Loan rates from 7.45 percent pa to 6.50 percent pa.

Thornton encouraged potential home buyers to start planning and look at options available on house and land packages, or houses on sale.

“Owning a house or property is not only a good investment, it gives you security, a stable place for your family and the freedom to build a home that you can call your own.

Sick of fast fashion? Here are five ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable

Clare Press, fashion writer and editor, described this as her "canary in the coalmine moment" — the point at which she decided to become a passionate advocate of slow fashion.

She cites a study from 2006 that found British women were consuming four times as many clothes as their 1980 counterparts, and sending 30kg of textiles and clothing to landfill annually.