Social Media

Masiu urges internet users to be responsible

He went on air this morning on NBC Radio to clarify on the abuse and misuse of social media that has led to incitement and negative comments towards leaders of parliament and the general public, after the riot last Wednesday.

With the directive from the National Executive Council to restrict internet access, Mr Masiu has brushed aside rumours that there will be no shutdown on all social media platforms.

Social media users warned

Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Timothy Masiu warned in a media statement released this evening. He issued the warning today, citing significant evidence of serious abuse of social media, spreading false information that led to destruction of properties in Port Moresby and parts of the country resulting also in deaths

Stop spreading rumors and threats - Wagambie

Wagambie said rumors that are circulated through social media and whatsapp groups in relation to the death of the 18-year old school boy must be stop making a particular mention of threats being issued by the Hela Community to the police. He said this is causing fear and tension in the community.

“I’m calling on the community leaders of Hela and the people of Hela to remain calm and allow the police to investigate the root cause of his death,” he said.

Restrict mobile phone usage in schools: PPA

This was the advice by Morobe’s provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, following the termination of seven Huonville Primary School students who used TikTok to hurl obscenities at their peers in Port Moresby.

Of the 11 students implicated in the viral video early this month, seven were terminated, two suspended for the remainder of the academic year and another two placed on good behaviour bond, which includes counseling with the school chaplain.

Report corruption to authorities, not Facebook: PM

Marape made this call today on the floor of Parliament when responding to questions raised by MP for Moresby North East, John Kaupa.

He encouraged the people to file complaints with relevant authorities.

“Not all leaders are involved in corruption. Do not accused leaders on corruption and posted accusations on Facebook. If you have evidence, file your complaints with the police or Ombudsman Commission.

“Facebook is not a Police Station, ICAC or Ombudsman Commission.”

TikTok's in-app browser can monitor your keystrokes, including passwords and credit cards, researcher says

New research has revealed some of the data popular apps can track and collect while using in-app browsers.

Key points:

  • In-app browsers increase security and privacy risks
  • A computer scientist says big tech undermines trust in e-commerce
  • TikTok denies it is storing user data but confirms the existence of code

Software engineer and security researcher Felix Krause has assessed what code is injected onto a website to gather user activity when it is opened through an app.

Elon Musk says $63.7 billion Twitter takeover could move ahead with bot info

Key points:

EC warns impersonators

Sinai made these comments after two of his official letters directing the Returning Officer for Wapenamanda Open Electorate to count the last ballot box for Tapend LLG ward was refused because there was a fake letter stopping them from counting the Tapend Box.

Commissioner Sinai said these impersonators and faceless individuals represent no one, and have no respect and heart for the work the Commission is doing to deliver the 2022 National General Elections. 

K1.56m In Police Custody: Manning

Manning made this comment when disputing a recent post on social media that alleged that he had threatened policemen and ordered the release of the K1.56 million confiscated in Hela Province.

“That is totally false. The cash in question is still in police custody,” he stated.

“Five individuals arrested over this incident are currently in police custody. Police investigation into this matter is still progressing.

“As I have previously stated, the public will be informed once the investigation is completed.

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for more than $40bn

The Tesla chief executive and world’s richest person revealed in a regulatory filing on Thursday that he had launched a hostile takeover of Twitter. He further confirmed the move in a public appearance at the TED conference in Vancouver later that day.