K1.56m In Police Custody: Manning

Commissioner of Police, David Manning, is gravely concerned over the release of fake news over social media, saying it is dangerous for Papua New Guinea.

Manning made this comment when disputing a recent post on social media that alleged that he had threatened policemen and ordered the release of the K1.56 million confiscated in Hela Province.

“That is totally false. The cash in question is still in police custody,” he stated.

“Five individuals arrested over this incident are currently in police custody. Police investigation into this matter is still progressing.

“As I have previously stated, the public will be informed once the investigation is completed.

“It is totally disgusting that individuals with ulterior motives can go to such lengths to discredit the work of police and security forces currently involved in the 2022 National General Election.

“If anything, police and members of the security forces should be congratulated and commended for being vigilant and diligent in the discharge of their constitutional duties.

“Members of the security forces around the country have so far confiscated large amounts of cash, illegal firearms, illegal ammunition, as well as police and military uniforms. This is a credit to our members.

“For and in the interest of administering the rule of law, I, nor any other member of the Constabulary, will derail or abort any police investigations currently underway. These will continue and arrive at their natural conclusion and from then, recommendations will be made as to what course of action to be taken.

“Rest assured that all this will be done transparently with the release of timely information to the public through the media.

“I am now appealing to everyone to refrain from posting unconfirmed and unsubstantiated reports over social media. Do not repost any information regarding the election that has not come from a government official.

“As I have stated, ignorance is not a defense and those found spreading untrue statements will be charged under our Cyber Crime and Election Laws.”

Press Release