EC warns impersonators

Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai urged the public to be aware of fake news and letters being circulated on social media by faceless impersonators.

Sinai made these comments after two of his official letters directing the Returning Officer for Wapenamanda Open Electorate to count the last ballot box for Tapend LLG ward was refused because there was a fake letter stopping them from counting the Tapend Box.

Commissioner Sinai said these impersonators and faceless individuals represent no one, and have no respect and heart for the work the Commission is doing to deliver the 2022 National General Elections. 

“I appeal to whoever is doing it to stop it. You may think it's a joke or fun to scan Commissioner's official letters, and circulate them on social media with a different version to the original letters but that is a crime and individuals caught can be arrested and charged under the Cyber Crime Act," he added.

"There is a so much confusion and misleading information out there which seriously undermines the electoral process,” He added.

Sinai said there were similar issues in May when they had two different versions of the National Gazette on the appointment of Returning Officers and one of them was a fake gazette.

“Someone is doing all these simply to confuse and divert attention by going around scamming, manipulating and recruiting official letters and circulating them with falsified information,” he said.

Commissioner said the Highlands Region appears to be the area where such illegal acts are prevalent and promoted by desperate people.

Loop Author