160 schools participate in BSP’s Annual ‘Go Green Campaign’

Aimed at fostering environmental awareness, the campaign was themed "Rethink, Reuse and Recycle," and saw BSP Eco Ambassadors from 37 branches guiding students in various cleanup activities.

For Port Moresby, the program was launched at Bavaroko Primary School where Port oresby branch eco ambassador Martin Kilagi emphasized the importance of waste reduction for a healthier ecosystem.

Reviving sports in schools

The Government's Lead Agency for Sport is working harder to identifying and initiating sport development programs to maximise opportunities for sport as an integral component of nation building. 

The revival efforts following prolonged hiatus of the past two decades, is expected to become a nationwide initiative after the Port Moresby attention currently underway.

There are currently two programs that are operating with the support of the PNGSF at the Sir John Guise Stadium.

Financial assistance for Rabaul schools

Governor Michael Marum visited Sikut Matupit Primary and Matupit Island Primary at the Sikut Matupit ward presenting the cheque.

Marum was accompanied by Deputy Provincial Administrator Social Services, Marakan Uvano, Kombiu LLG President, Michael Warium and other officers from the Governor’s office.

When presenting the cheque, Marum said since his appointment as the Governor, the best thing that ever happened to him is when he goes out to the public or visits communities and meets children.

Gov should get schools to recycle plastics

Kopkop College celebrated the 2023 World Environment Day on Monday June 5, under the campaign “Beat Plastic Pollution,” in which Melchizedek’s presentation was amongst a variety of acts performed by Kopkop College students through poetry, dance, skit and modelling.

“Through my research I learnt that plastic pollution is worse than we think,” said Melchizedek, whose video documentation was based on the effects of plastic pollution on land, in the ocean and air.

Restrict mobile phone usage in schools: PPA

This was the advice by Morobe’s provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, following the termination of seven Huonville Primary School students who used TikTok to hurl obscenities at their peers in Port Moresby.

Of the 11 students implicated in the viral video early this month, seven were terminated, two suspended for the remainder of the academic year and another two placed on good behaviour bond, which includes counseling with the school chaplain.

Rumet: New school facility timely

He said the high enrolment has placed a lot of strain on schools to make spaces available to take in extra students; and schools are struggling with infrastructure to cater for these influx.

MP Rumet highlighted this when witnessing the opening of a new classroom and launching of the 1-6-6 Primary Education Stricture in Volavolo Primary School, Balanataman LLG in Rabaul yesterday.

Schools need to adhere: Official

Assistant secretary of early childhood education, Michael Mera, outlined that upon request by the Provincial Education Board (PEB), a school inspector will visit the proposed institution to see whether it has complied with the minimum operating standard.

Some of the factors that will be taken into consideration include infrastructure, the general environment, catchment areas and teachers.

The inspector then presents the report to the PEB, who will make a provincial recommendation to the general education division within the education department.

“Suspension of school heads unrealistic”

CPS PNG President Paul Harricknen was referring Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombradirective as unrealistic.

“Every year school subsidies do not reach schools on time. Schools have to run on empty for almost the whole year before some drops of their funds arrive.

“That is why schools charge project fees to help them start on a good foot for school year.”

Mr Harricknen said that any suspension of school heads questions the Government’s policy slogan of ‘Leavign No Child Behind’, when children’s education is delayed and jeopardized as a result.

Education Minister warns schools

The Department of Education emphasizes that no school fees or project fees are to be charged by schools in the national education system in 2023.

Following the Education Minister’s policy statement made in Parliament regarding the government’s Tuition Fee Policy for 2023, Minister Jimmy Uguro held a press conference in Port Moresby to clarify the details on Thursday 19 January 2023.

Education needs more funding: Officer

The province budgets for K300,000 annually however, that is also insufficient.Morobe’s provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, highlighted that the province needs over K300 million to effectively conduct activities in the education sector.

The province is massive, with 1,427 schools, over 2,600,000 students and 3,656 teachers.Tangui said in line with the 3-6-6 structure, schools need more infrastructure.

“We need money to erect infrastructure, put more desks in, buy more curriculum books,” Tangui outlined.