Social Media

Internet addiction and school burnout vicious for teens

Now a study finds that internet addiction is leaving some students feeling burnt out at school, which causes them to spend more time on the internet, creating a cycle that can leave teens feeling depressed.

Couple's hilariously honest 'infertility announcements' helps others

A spoof of fertile couples’ pregnancy announcements, Spencer Blake and his wife, Whitney, posted a handful of photos on their blog, On an Adventure, including a photo of popped bubblegum on their faces, with the text overlay “Infertility still bursting our bubble, month after month.”

Sharon Osbourne "Overwhelmed" by the online reaction of her divorce

It's been a whirlwind week thus far for the 63-year-old daytime talk show host after sources confirmed over the weekend that she and her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, had broken up after 33 years of marriage. After taking a day off from her hosting duties Monday, the British star returned to The Talk Tuesday with further explanation of her current situation. 

Among her remarks, Osbourne was careful to note that she had been keeping her eyes off of the news. 

Pope Francis shocks world with these views

He's got accounts on Twitter and Instagram, rocks out on Spotify and even promotes tolerance and kindness toward same-sex romantic relationships. In short, he's not like the other popes, he's a cool pope.

Using Facebook and Snapchat makes you 'cognitively and morally shallow': psychologists

Research shows people who frequently text or use social media were less likely to engage in "reflective thought" and "placed less importance on moral life goals".

Tech writer Nicholas G Carr, in his Pulitzer nominated book The Shallows, discussed the possibility that the internet is changing "the way we think, read and remember".

Social media, the new megaphone for violent perpetrators

She's the latest in a growing line of extremists and disturbed killers who have used social media to punctuate their horrific violence.

Pacific Islands ponder social media clampdowns

A digital revolution is underway in the Pacific, but there's concern over a clash between cyber culture and traditional culture.

Mobile phones are now a way of life in the Pacific, but what they're being used for is causing concern, with phone video of groups fighting having been posted online.

The Tongan government is holding community consultations over a possible cyber clampdown. 

It's looking at a total ban on porn sites and selective blocking of young Facebook users after bullying.