Faster, more reliable internet access

"On February 19 the first stage of the Kumul Domestic Cable – a fibre-optic link from Port Moresby to Madang, via Alotau, Popondetta and Lae – was completed," said the Oxford Business Group. 

"The project, which was developed by the state-owned ICT infrastructure development firm PNG DataCo in collaboration with Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, has resulted in a rise in transmission speeds compared to previous traffic carried on microwave radio systems.

PNG’s new satellite internet system

The critical investment by Australia saw its Foreign Affairs Minister, Marise Payne, join PNG’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Rimbink Pato, yesterday for the event.

Payne said the new system will benefit Papua New Guineans by reducing barriers to learning, improving private sector capacity and fostering job creation in the long term.

“In the near term, the project will boost connectivity for APEC meetings in Port Moresby in November,” she stated.

Cheaper, faster internet for PNG: Abel

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel, recently engaged with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund at meetings in Washington D.C.

Abel says the new submarine fibre optic communications cable project, and the provision of concessional financing for the restructuring of existing debt, will deliver positive economy stimulus for the economy.

Apple is planning to beam Internet on Earth using low orbit satellites

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple Inc. has poached two top Google satellite executives to constitute a new hardware team.

Internet switched back on in Cameroon

People were delighted when online access was restored in both regions on Thursday at around 19:00 GMT, a BBC correspondent in Bamenda reports.

Before the ban, authorities had warned mobile phone users they faced jail for spreading false information.

Communications and the economy were badly affected by the shutdown.

Anglophone Cameroonians make up about 20% of the country's 23 million people. The other regions of the country are predominately French-speaking.


On the ground: Frederic Takang, BBC News, Bamenda, Cameroon

New IXP facility will address high internet costs

The National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) officially announced the operational soft launch of the PNG Neutral IXP, which is a shared, and soon to be, a managed ICT infrastructure of the PNG IXP group.

The IXP also addresses the issue of quality of internet service in the country. It is a physical location where internet service providers (ISPs) connect to exchange local traffic with each other via a network switch.

Transforming the way we look at the internet and data security

In fact, the implications of VR in the IT world are enough to provide solid proof that this form of virtual technology can be utilized in the business and tech sectors effectively and continuously alike.

NZ internet speeds zoom past Australia

The study is done quarterly by Massachusetts computer company Akamai.

New social app for mothers launched

Peanut adopts the format of dating apps such as Tinder where mothers upload profiles and pictures and "swipe" to register their interest in each other.

Co-founder Michelle Kennedy was deputy CEO of European dating app Badoo and was also on the board at Bumble.

It is one of a growing number of apps aimed at helping parents to build connections.

Ms Kennedy said she was disappointed by the digital services available to new mums wanting to chat with others when she became a parent herself.

What’s the difference between the Internet and World Wide Web?

But they aren’t, although, they’re required to exist together to get things done. Most of the time, we don’t give a second thought before using one word in place of the other.


So, what is the internet?