Masiu urges internet users to be responsible

Minister for Information and Communication Technology Timothy Masiu has urged all internet users within the country to be responsible when using the internet, especially social media platforms.

He went on air this morning on NBC Radio to clarify on the abuse and misuse of social media that has led to incitement and negative comments towards leaders of parliament and the general public, after the riot last Wednesday.

With the directive from the National Executive Council to restrict internet access, Mr Masiu has brushed aside rumours that there will be no shutdown on all social media platforms.

“There will be no shutdown of social media platforms, however, warning has been given out. The law empowers me as a minister to take such actions when there was a declaration of SOE”, said the Minister.

Minister Masiu is warning all citizens to use social media accordingly after a ‘spike in figures’ regarding negative comments posted on Facebook, that was observed by the ICT Cybercrime unit. In consideration of the media rights of each citizen, the minister warned the public to also take responsibility and act accordingly on social media.

The Minister was accompanied by Acting Secretary for ICT Flierl Shongol, CEO of NICTA Gulo-Vui, Legal Counsel for DICT Oala Moi and Executive Manager for Cyber Security Georgina Kiele in which they all re-emphasized the importance of being a responsible user of social media and that their daily activity on the internet can be tracked using a phenomenon known as digital footprint.

Mr Gulo-Vui during the panel session made known that the Minister for ICT is capable of shutting down social media during the SOE period if the situation gets out of hand, as stated under Section 70 of the NICTA Act 2009.

The panel discussed the consequences of abuse of social media including the possession of electronic devices that was looted and sold again to the general public.

Minister Masiu confirmed that they will be improving ICT services within the country and conducting awareness to stakeholders, organizations and the general public on how to use it accordingly.

People circulating rumours and misleading the public on shutting down of social media and referring to PNG as ‘communist’ online will be dealt with accordingly according to Mr Masiu.

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