Minister for Information and Communication Technology

Masiu urges internet users to be responsible

He went on air this morning on NBC Radio to clarify on the abuse and misuse of social media that has led to incitement and negative comments towards leaders of parliament and the general public, after the riot last Wednesday.

With the directive from the National Executive Council to restrict internet access, Mr Masiu has brushed aside rumours that there will be no shutdown on all social media platforms.

Fast track of digital services

Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Timothy Masiu, is emphasizing that the country to break away from long-awaited service delivery that takes several years.

He was referring to the partnership between NICTA and a local entrepreneur called Gabaspot Digital Hub set up in Gabagaba village in Central Province that took three years to launch.

“We need to move and we need to intensify. I don’t want to hear any more of a facility that’s taking three years to build in a village. Let’s cut off all the three years and make it in six months.

Nationwide survey on media policy concluded

He said the comprehensive survey, which spanned all four regions of Papua New Guinea, received 1,620 responses, representing an important and diverse cross-section of the nation. 
Minister Masiu said the aim of the survey was to collect views on the current state of the media sector and solicit recommendations on areas where the government should intervene.
He added that the distribution was done online, as well as through robust advertisements on radio, TV, newspapers, and digital platforms.  

Alliance needed to drive Digital Agenda

While discussions took place, Masiu highlighted that Papua New Guinea, being a developing country within the Pacific Region, needs much of the Learning from the African countries and how Africa has come together in an alliance to drive its Digital Agenda.

“PNG and the rest of the Pacific region need to work in a collaborative fashion to create Regional Agenda around these global issues. PNG is now embracing Digital transformation and Digital Skills are vital developments aspect of participation in building a resilient internet ecosystem in the region,” he stated.

Online Safety For Children

He made this statement during the ‘Safe Internet Day 2022’, where he announced the release of a ‘Parents Guide to being Cybersmart’ publication.

The guide provides parents advice on the importance of online safety.

The Minister said, “I want to remind parents that online safety starts from the home. Online safety is more about child upbringing and nurturing communication skills rather than technology itself.”