Social Media

Group who got into BBC have done the same at Facebook

They climbed over a gate before walking around the London office in areas which are normally open to staff only.

During the video Trikkstar zooms in on desks at main reception where staff are seemingly unaware of him and a friend.

At the end of the clip he claims security "tried to catch us" and that they were followed outside.

The clip seemingly shows them deciding to leave before they're noticed and also sees them claiming to "eat and drink a lot" when they were in the building "because everything's free here".

Germany warns social media firms over illegal content

Germany's justice minister has drafted a law that seeks to impose the fines as part of efforts to police toxic chat.

Heiko Maas said the voluntary efforts of social networks to tackle the problem had not gone far enough.

The proposal requires sites to run 24-hour helplines and to delete flagged content within seven days.

'Utterly impossible'

Social media firms such as Twitter and Facebook were getting better at handling illegal content, said Mr Maas, but both had a long way to go.

Steve King: Geert Wilders tweet sparks a social media backlash

"Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny," Mr King wrote on Twitter.

"We can't restore our civilisation with somebody else's babies," he added.

The US Republican Representative of Iowa is a strong advocate of putting a stop to birthright citizenship.

All children born in the US currently get citizenship under the constitution, including the children of families living in America illegally.

US psychologists claim social media 'increases loneliness'

A report suggests that more than two hours of social media use a day doubled the chances of a person experiencing social isolation.

It claims exposure to idealised representations of other people's lives may cause feelings of envy.

The study also looked at those using Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr.

It's important to remember what you see on social isn't necessarily the reason for you feeling bad - but it might be a factor.

Put simply, it might just heighten the emotions you're already feeling.

The Swedish Trump fans who secretly record journalists

"Granskning Sverige" translates as "Validating Sweden". The site encourages volunteers to call journalists with a list of questions about their news coverage.

"I would say that the basic theme is xenophobic, they don't like immigrants," says Mathias Stahle, an investigative journalist for the Eskilstuna-Kuriren newspaper.

"They would like to read more positive things about Donald Trump, they would like to see positive stories about modern Russia and they want to have positive views of neo-Nazis."

Facebook to be a campaign tool for election

Director of the PNG National Research Institute (NRI), Dr. Charles Yala said technology, especially social media will play a far more important role in the elections, unseen before. 

“In the past bulk of the policy issue and the information used to be Port Moresby centred, the rest of PNG did not have access to this information or if they had, it was pretty much delayed,” Dr Yala said.  

“But with social media and mobile phone, the information is getting out there, whether it’s right information or wrong information, it is out there.”

Formula One relaxes social media rules for teams

Ecclestone, ousted as the sport's commercial supremo in January after Liberty Media completed their takeover, was famously sceptical about social media and highly controlling of all video content from inside the paddock.

Much of Formula One's revenues comes from television deals with broadcasters.

Liberty Media have made fan engagement a priority, however, and are determined to build the brand through social media and digital channels.

Social media spotlight does wonders in Madang

A few weeks back, Loop PNG published a story about a photographer who used her hobby to capture Madang Town in its true deteriorating stage.

After the story was published the media spotlight, an upgrade was done about the potholed roads and uncollected piles of rubbish in the main town area.

As a follow up, photographer, Melissa Tatut has again taken time off again to capture the current work that is being done after her pictures were being published by several news agencies for the public knowledge.

“They are finally fixing up the roads,” says Melissa.

New social app for mothers launched

Peanut adopts the format of dating apps such as Tinder where mothers upload profiles and pictures and "swipe" to register their interest in each other.

Co-founder Michelle Kennedy was deputy CEO of European dating app Badoo and was also on the board at Bumble.

It is one of a growing number of apps aimed at helping parents to build connections.

Ms Kennedy said she was disappointed by the digital services available to new mums wanting to chat with others when she became a parent herself.

Children share photo of terminally ill parents holding hands

The image shows Mike Bennet, 57, and wife Julie, 50, from Irby in Wirral, holding hands in a Merseyside hospice.

It was taken shortly before Mr Bennet died on Monday from a brain tumour.

Relatives and friends have launched a fundraising campaign to help the couple's three children, Oliver, 13, Hannah, 18 and Luke 21.

It raised thousands in the first 24 hours.

Friend Sue Wright said: "I told her the community would come together to help look after her kids - and she opened her eyes and smiled."