Trump and Biden duel in critical state of Florida

Mr Biden told supporters: "You hold the power. If Florida goes blue [Democratic], it's over."

Celebrating soaring economic figures, Mr Trump, a Republican, said of his rival: "He's going to lock you down."

With just five days to go until election day, Mr Biden has a solid lead nationally in opinion polls.

But his advantage looks less assured in the battleground states, such as Florida, that will decide who ultimately wins the White House.

Gamato appeals for common sense

As most of the provinces have gone into polling, he said rallies and the use of loudhailers must stop.

The use of flyers and posters, on the other hand, can remain.

By law, eight to 12 weeks of campaigning options were given in which the Electoral Commission went with the minimum, which was eight weeks of campaigning.

Social media is a new medium that has taken campaigning to a whole new level. And while there is no law regulating the use of this medium in the elections, Commissioner Gamato is asking for common sense to prevail.

Campaigning ends today

After eight rigid weeks of walking through rough, rugged terrain and ridges to campaign, candidates can rest, while the country decides in the polling booth.

This election campaign has been described by many as ‘quiet’ compared to the previous elections.

Social media has been the most effective campaign platform for many candidates, and also for public scrutiny and criticism.

Madrid transport authority says no to 'el manspreading'

Explaining that 'el manspreading' is an English term that refers to the posture of men who open their legs too wide and take up space in the next seats, the urban transit company, EMT, has put up signs in public buses.

"This new information icon is similar to what already exists in other transport systems worldwide to prohibit people adopting a body posture that bothers other people", the company said.

​Political heavyweights will be in Popondetta today

The country is into the second week of the National Election campaign period.  

O’Neill is the parliamentary leader for the ruling People’s National Congress Party, while Polye heads the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party.

Both parties are going into the election with over 90 endorsed candidates, with the aim to form the next government in July.  

PNC has 93 candidates while THE party has 90 candidates contesting for the 111 seats in Parliament.

Ijivitari MP David Arore said the prime minister will open the Popondetta Hospital theatre ward today.

Strong wind warning for Southern, Momase and Manus

People living along the coast of the Southern and Momase regions including Manus Province are urged to take precaution when going out to sea.

The PNG National Weather Service has issued a renewal strong wind warning for all coastal waters of Southern PNG to Northern PNG including Vanimo, Aitape, Wewak, west of Madang and all waters of Manus.

Strong southeast winds of 25/34 knots are expected to continue for the next 24 hours causing rough seas and high wind waves.

All small crafts and boat operators are advised to take necessary precautions before going out to sea.

Kombra: School venues not to be used for political campaigns

This was issued in a Circular, dated 07/11/16 to all the provincial authorities, principals, teachers and stakeholders warning them to safeguard the school facilities before, during and after the 2017 National Election. 

He urged schools and other educational institutions to take precautionary measures to ensure that all schools’ assets and facilities are well secured to avoid possible destruction to state assets and disharmony in the school community.

Committee undergoes massive awareness drive in Western

The Committee launched the awareness campaign on Oct 7 in Western Province.

The program will start today, Oct 11 with a series of meetings with leaders, councilors, women leaders and village planning committees before the actual awareness program to the CMCA and Non CMCA areas within the North, Middle and South Fly Region.

Chairman of the Steering Committee and acting North Fly District Administrator Dume Woo said the community awareness program will cover the North, Middle and South Fly regions.