Parliament Sitting 2023

Namah commends US Agreement

He stated it was the best agreement the country has ever signed.

“I’d like to highly commend Prime Minister James Marape for the partnership between PNG and USA agreement. While my committee the Permanent Parliament Committee for Foreign Affairs International Trade Immigration and Defence didn’t have a preview for this agreement by just looking at it and following Prime minister on the statement I believe this is the best agreement that our country has ever entered into.

Report corruption to authorities, not Facebook: PM

Marape made this call today on the floor of Parliament when responding to questions raised by MP for Moresby North East, John Kaupa.

He encouraged the people to file complaints with relevant authorities.

“Not all leaders are involved in corruption. Do not accused leaders on corruption and posted accusations on Facebook. If you have evidence, file your complaints with the police or Ombudsman Commission.

“Facebook is not a Police Station, ICAC or Ombudsman Commission.”

Kumai raise concerns on law and order

Talasea MP, Freddie Kumai raised this issue on the floor of Parliament today.

MP Kumai is concerned that criminal activities are on the rise with no police presence along the New Britain highway.

He also mentioned that there is a certain route and link evolving around the maritime provinces of Morobe and East and West New Britain provinces both on land and sea that contributes to the rising law and order rates in the province.

Doctor-patient ratio uneven

According to the standard doctor-to-people ratio set by the World Health Organization is 1:1000; however, that is not the case in PNG as one doctor is serving 17,000 patients. This is alarming.

Minister for Health Dr Lino Tom shared this in parliament today.

Morobe Governor Luther Wenge has asked Minister Tom to bring in overseas doctors to support the health workforce in the country.

Dr Tom also raised concerns that the medical school in the country is also producing a constant number of doctors not exceeding 60 every year which is a big problem in the country.

Schools encouraged to use behavioural policy

Kapavore inquired into the implementation of the Education Department’s Behavioural Management Policy, and whether, the land on which schools are established, are state owned.

Minister Uguro highlighted that the Behaviour Change Policy and Scouts Policy in schools were launched in 2021 at the Hagara Primary School.

The Minister said, “We are now encouraging all the schools to use that policy to educate our kids throughout the schools on the behaviours and values and types of attitudes that we face throughout the schools and throughout the society.”

PNG leaders called to defend democracy

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said when addressing the Parliament today, he encouraged Papua New Guinea leaders that they all have a part to play, in realizing that vision.
PM Albanese called on leaders to defend the democracy in which they serve at all time.
He said to fulfil that duty, “All leaders must start by demonstrating the value of this place and the ideals it is built on and by proving that the system we belong to has the power to change people’s lives for the better.”

Marape to respond to Aus PM’s address

“I will reciprocate tomorrow on our nation’s behalf. We entrench our own bilateral relationships for the better going forward.”

The Prime Minister emphasized that Papua New Guinea has a stronger bilateral relationship with Australia that it does with other countries.

“We have more business-to-business, person-to-person, and government-to-government with Australia than we have with all other bilateral relations.”     

PM clarifies Aus PM’s address to Parliament

PM Albanese will be welcomed at the APEC Terminal to a guard of honour and a 19-gun salute.

PM Marape says, at half past 10 tomorrow, Albanese will pay a courtesy call to the Governor General at the Government House.

At 11 o’clock, the Australian PM will then address Parliament at the invitation of the National Government.

Marape said, “At 11 o’clock he is scheduled to come and address our national parliament at our invitation. At our government’s invitation and with the Speaker’s concurrence and clearance by the Clerk of Parliament.

K150mil land expansion program

Minister for Lands & Physical Planning, and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso stated this during Parliament sitting on Tuesday 10 January 2023, when responding to questions posed by Member for Rai Coast, Kessy Sawang.

“We have a budget of K150 million for land expansion in our country. The government in its wisdom has decided that we should acquire more land to increase what we currently have as alienated land.  Alienated land in the country is around 3 percent-4 percent out of the total land banking in the country.”

Parliament resumes for GG’s appointment

The main agenda of the day will be the appointment of the new Governor General of Papua New Guinea after. Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae’s six-year term expires next month, February 2023.

Sir Bob was appointed as the tenth Governor General in 2017, replacing Late Sir Michael Ogio.