John Rosso

Don’t let ‘circumstances drag you down’

This was the encouragement given to the Grade 12 graduating students of Lae Secondary School yesterday by the acting Prime Minister and Lae MP, John Rosso.

428 grade 12 students graduated yesterday under the theme: ‘Quality citizens through quality education’.

While speaking to them, Rosso outlined the values that will guide them in their future endeavour; perseverance, dedication, determination, hard work, desire, discipline and loyalty.

DPM Rosso addresses PNA leaders

This year’s theme is, “Charting the course: Economic Independence through Collaboration in Sustainable Tuna Fisheries” serves as a useful guide for their discussions. 

Deputy Prime Minister John Rosso when addressing the members said the PNA have come a long way - from managing purse seine tuna fishing through capacity control under the 205 vessels limit in 1995.

Also introducing purse seine fishing effort control under the Vessel Day Scheme or VDS since its adoption in 2010, and in expanding the VDS to also cover tuna long line fishing. 

Rosso warns settlers

This is the message from Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, after he was briefed on the ethnic clash at Nawaeb Block, in Lae, which has claimed the lives of two people and caused extensive damage to properties.

It is believed fighting started early this week after an armed holdup.

“Anyone instigating ethnic violence, that settlement will be demolished and evicted,” Rosso said.

“You want to come to Lae, you have to live and abide by the laws of this city and abide by the laws blo mipla ol Morobe.

LCA takes over stadium management

A lease agreement was signed today at the outdoor stadium between the Lae City Authority chief executive officer, Robin Calistus, and the Papua New Guinea Sports Foundation CEO, Albert Veratau.

Member for Lae and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, has always stressed on restoring Lae to its glory days; the days when families can enjoy the city and its benefits without fearing for their safety.

Deputy PM John Rosso Heads UN Delegation

The Deputy Prime Minister is attending as the Special Envoy of the Prime Minister and is accompanied by a high-level delegation from Papua New Guinea.

This year's UNGA General Debate is noteworthy for hosting an unprecedented number of high-level meetings, a total of eight, unlike in previous sessions. These meetings cover a wide range of critical global issues, including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), financing for development, climate ambition, pandemic preparedness, and more.

Rosso applauds EHP leaders

DPM Rosso was accompanied by Eastern Highlands Governor, Simon Sia, and local MPs William Hagahuno – Kainantu MP, Saki Soloma – Okapa MP, John Boito – Obura-Wonenara MP, Robert Atiyafa – Henganofi MP, Ekime Gorosahu – Daulo MP and Kinoka Hotune Feo, Unggai-Bena MP.

Coinciding with PNG’s 48th Independence celebrations, the sleepy town of Kainantu came alive with traditional singsing groups, students’ march and a local police parade.

Lae MP encourages young players

Rosso was at the Lae Secondary School field on Saturday for the 2023 Lae Schools Rugby League Competition (LSRC) grand final.

“It is not about winning the grand final. It is all about providing an avenue so you (student-players both boys and girls) can gain confidence, learn new skills and rules, and strive for better. So one day you can represent us on a bigger stage.”

Rundown state of Sir Ignatius Kilage stadium evident

Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso, outlined the rundown state of the sporting facilities when presenting jerseys to the Lae City FC last week.

“I’ve written to the PNG Sports Federation to hand that stadium back to Lae City Authority so we can upgrade, maintain and run it for the city,” Rosso said.

“Right now, they are running it and there’s no maintenance and it’s really rundown.

Rosso condemns tragic Bulolo killing

“I am deeply saddened and angry to learn of the tragic and senseless killing of Lorna Nico, 39, from Sohe in Oro Province, who was married and lived in Bulolo District,” Rosso said.

Reports indicate that she was accused of being a witch by “prayer warriors”.

Rosso said, such accusations, followed by acts of violence, have no place in society and the country and goes against the principles of justice, humanity and compassion that the nation upholds.

Lae’s new driving range

It was the DPM’s first time to swing a golf club to officially open the range after the second day of the PNG Senior Open tournament.

After getting a few pointers from one of the Australian professionals, Rosso opened the driving range with a hit, followed by Lae Golf Club president, Phil Hommelhoff.

The opening paved the way for four of the pro golfers to compete for the K5,000 ‘longest straightest drive’.

Hommelhoff said the range has become a reality after being proposed three years ago.