Education Department

Four Principals disciplined

First Assistant Secretary for the NCD Education Service Division Peter Kants, said the principals disobeyed a government directive under the free education policy, which includes non-payment of project fees.

He told LoopPNG during the NCD Students Leaders SLIP Leadership Training Workshop today in Port Moresby.

He said every school has needs but when the government gives directives, schools have to abide by them.

“Even if there is a need at the school we have to find a better way to deal with such situations,” he said.

Conservation of the Kikori River Basin

The introduction of the supplementary teacher’s guidebook titled, “Conservation of the Kikori River Basin: A Teacher’s Resource Book for Primary Schools,” takes a significant stride in nurturing a new generation of environmentally conscious leaders dedicated to safeguarding this invaluable ecological gem.

Equipping teachers with a comprehensive curriculum, engaging activities, localized content, and collaborative opportunities, the guidebook enables the delivery of impactful environment education.

Schools encouraged to use behavioural policy

Kapavore inquired into the implementation of the Education Department’s Behavioural Management Policy, and whether, the land on which schools are established, are state owned.

Minister Uguro highlighted that the Behaviour Change Policy and Scouts Policy in schools were launched in 2021 at the Hagara Primary School.

The Minister said, “We are now encouraging all the schools to use that policy to educate our kids throughout the schools on the behaviours and values and types of attitudes that we face throughout the schools and throughout the society.”

Teachers, Students Urged To Return

Secretary Dr. Uke Kombra says instructions were issued to all schools to resume normal classes on July 25 and August 1 for other schools due to election-related violence and disturbances.

Provincial Education Advisors were also advised to assess the situation in their provinces and decide on an appropriate decision.

However, news reports of schools still closed and low turnout by students and teachers in the last two weeks has caught the attention of the Department.

Government agents for review

This is part of a four-year long-term exercise under the Public Sector Reform project that started in 2021 reviewing all government agency functions and policies.

DPM Secretary, Taies Sansan said, “The Functions Expenditure Review (FER) is a critical government reform conducted by DPM to know if agencies are performing their mandated functions, and if they have outlined their short and long-term plans to achieve the National Government’s 20-year Strategic Development Plan (SDP) and realise Vision 2050.”

Best Performing Schools 2021

Secondary Education Management and Coordination Director, Benny Rayappan made the announcement during the launch of the Online School examination results website on Friday December, 3, 2021.

“The first school to stand in this list is St. Charles Luwanga Secondary School in Grade 10.” Rayappan said. 

St. Charles Luwanga also came up 3rd in the Grade 12 category. 

The results of the rest of the grade 10 were as follows: Cameron secondary school in Milne Bay province 2nd, Marianville Secondary School in NCD, 3rd place, 4th was Gordon Secondary School in NCD. 

National Education plan launched

The government believes the reforms under the plan will better equip children to make a positive contribution to the country.

The 10-year plan was launched by Prime Minister James Marape and the Education Department on Friday, 11th of June 2021. 

Under the reforms in the 10- year plan, the education system will give every child 13 years of education regardless of their economic situation, geographical location or gender and disability.

Dept aware of nightclubs near schools

The Department of Education is aware of concerns regarding the operation of nightclubs near learning institutions.

The most recent issue involves the purported illegal activities of Lae’s Swing Bar near the St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.

Teacher graduates enter college illegally

In a press conference this afternoon, Secretary for Education Dr Uke Kombra said the department is serious about giving quality education to every child in the country.

Dr Kombra said the Department is cracking down on the issue and will hold principals of those colleges, responsible.

This follows recent reports in the media that the 2019 graduates of Balob Teachers College were querying why the Education Department has yet to approve and issue their Diplomas for posting.

Sixth Education Year Dedication service held


It was held at the PNG Education Institute in Port Moresby on Friday 22nd January, 2021.

The dedication of the Education year was initiated 5 years ago under the direction of the current secretary. This year’s dedication was conducted by Pastor Idomu Onamusi of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.   

“Bible say commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plan will succeed.” Pastor Onamusi.