Schools encouraged to use behavioural policy

Minister for Education Jimmy Uguro on Friday 13th January Parliament Sitting was given the opportunity to answer questions posed to him by the Member for Pomio Open Elias Kapavore during question time.

Kapavore inquired into the implementation of the Education Department’s Behavioural Management Policy, and whether, the land on which schools are established, are state owned.

Minister Uguro highlighted that the Behaviour Change Policy and Scouts Policy in schools were launched in 2021 at the Hagara Primary School.

The Minister said, “We are now encouraging all the schools to use that policy to educate our kids throughout the schools on the behaviours and values and types of attitudes that we face throughout the schools and throughout the society.”

Uguro emphasized, “It is all the stakeholders’ responsibility to ensure that the behavior of our kids in the schools system are educated well, trained well and guided well throughout.”

He said if a child is causing social problems, it is first, the responsibility of the parents.

“Parents, we are responsible. If we bring up a child well, we will not have any issues affecting our society. Society creates and train our children very much in their attitude towards learning and behaving in our society,” said Minister Uguro.

Marysila Kellerton