Parlt Backs Medical Bill

The Medical Registration Act was enacted in Parliament in 1980, which used to regulate and register all different cadres of health professionals in the country.

The law sets out the requirements of health professional registration and the standard under which they are to practice.

ANGAU doctors stop work

Their demands, which were presented on Thursday March 25th, were not met.

They have undertaken the action to demonstrate their dissatisfaction at the management of the Morobe Provincial Health Authority.

The doctors say the health authority has persistently failed to respond or act on their numerous petitions.

The management is yet to address the acute medical officer shortage issue as well as honour annual gratuity payments for contract officers for 2020.

Doctors strained

Staff shortage, temporary positions and unpaid gratuity are just some of their concerns that have fallen on deaf ears.

A media briefing was held at the ANGAU chapel on Thursday morning, where the National Doctors Association – Morobe president, Dr Barry Mutan, said they have submitted nine petitions already regarding the issue of manpower shortage.

Sir Puka labels doctors as ‘facebook doctors’

He said he is responsible for health issues and not Facebook.

Minister Temu said he is always passionate to respond to any queries raised by the doctors or any medical staff.

He added that with a vast experience as a medical doctor, he can always guide and advise them on how to deal with issues at hand.

“Doctors, please if you have any queries, come to me and let’s talk about it rather than going to Facebook.

“Facebook will not answer your questions because it is full of faceless people,” says Sir Puka.

Doctors become victims of weekend getaway in Kimbe

Constable Martin Vitolo told Loop PNG that they (doctors) have file a complaint at the Kimbe police station along with quotation from the damages done to their  vehicle.

He said police will be carrying out their investigations into the matter today or tomorrow.

A female doctor who wanted to remain anonymous because of safety reasons told Loop PNG that they were attacked by the whole community at Kumbango after swimming in the river near the compound.

Doctors advised to wait longer before diagnosing miscarriages

Experts who have carried out a large study say the guidelines for hospitals on diagnosing a miscarriage need to be updated, so that women always get a second ultrasound scan two weeks after the first if the gestational sac seen in the scan is small. It is not always possible to be sure that a very small embryo with no detectable heartbeat is going to miscarry, they say.