Sir Puka labels doctors as ‘facebook doctors’

Minister for Health Sir Puka Temu is calling on medical doctors to bring issues of concern to him rather than posting on social media.

He said he is responsible for health issues and not Facebook.

Minister Temu said he is always passionate to respond to any queries raised by the doctors or any medical staff.

He added that with a vast experience as a medical doctor, he can always guide and advise them on how to deal with issues at hand.

“Doctors, please if you have any queries, come to me and let’s talk about it rather than going to Facebook.

“Facebook will not answer your questions because it is full of faceless people,” says Sir Puka.

Sir Puka reiterated that many of our doctors have an attitude to give wrong information on social media without getting any response from relevant authority.

He urged the doctors to be responsible and assured the country that medical supplies will be supplied to all hospitals and clinics across the country shortly.

“Stop posting negative comments and talk to the right people about issues affecting the health system in our country.

He was responding to questions raised by East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, during Parliament session recently.

Freddy Mou