ENB doctors threaten to withdraw services

Doctors in East New Britian province have threatened to stop work and withdraw their services if the ongoing law and order issues in the province are not fully addressed.

President of National Doctors Association East New Britain branch and senior surgeon, Dr Kevin Lapu, presented a petition to the Member for Rabaul Dr. Allan Marat, Acting Provincial Administrator Levi Mano and Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector Januarus Vosivai yesterday in Rabaul.

This is following the recent violence that has left three people dead, homes burnt, and the town still under threat of reprisal by conflicting parties.

Provincial authorities have been given a deadline of Monday 20 November 2023 to respond to the petition.

Failure to do so will see the association members withdraw their services by 21 November 2023.

Medical physicians working in the province have found themselves increasingly vulnerable to attacks and in order to protect the safety and well-being of its members, the association decided to take a stand and demand urgent action from the government.

The petition is for the ENBPG to address the matter immediately as they fear for their wellbeing and that of the hospital staff they work with.

The petition, consisting of several key points, includes a thorough investigation into the assault of senior specialist doctors, guarantee staff of their safety, increased police presence and thorough investigation into youth attacks on hospital staff.

 “Murder has been committed, arson has been committed, grievous body harm has been committed, these are serious offences and should be dealt in the national court, we cannot re-open the markets and have reconciliation, the real problem is still there.”

The recent violent uprising in the scenic and historic town of Rabaul has greatly impacted the lives of the innocent, affected business houses and left many in fear. 

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