Nakanai Candidates Present Petition

The petition highlighted the slow counting and elimination process, calling on the counting officials to step up and deliver a fair and transparent counting process.

The Provincial Returning Officer, Emily Kelton when receiving petition yesterday said in spite of this counting would go ahead. 

People petition MPs over bad roads

The people were led by Constantine Sesega in a convoy of more than 10 trucks, to the provincial government headquarters today.

They presented their petition to Provincial Administrator Williamson Hosea, demanding for the full reconstruction, rehabilitation and fixing of the poor conditions of the Hoskins-Koimumu ring road, particularly the Makasili-Galilo section.

Residents Petition Edai Management

The children, all of primary school-age, were only beginning their travel to school on the 25-seater shuttle bus, when they crashed into a guardrail, not far from the housing estate.

Many of them sustained injuries, while a 7 and 8 year-old had to have a limb each, amputated.

The petition among others call for security/safety controls and protocols to be in place including induction for drivers operating school transport,  immediate support and care for affected families and future plans for the children with permanent injuries.

Thousands back Japan high heels campaign

The petition was started by Yumi Ishikawa who says she was made to wear high heels while working at a funeral parlour.

Her tweets on the issue went viral with more than 30,000 shares.

In 2015, a London receptionist was sent home from work without pay after she refused to wear high heels.

Leave refused for Petition review

On June 15 the National Court dismissed the petition Kandiu filed, challenging Powes Parkop’s win as NCD Regional MP.

The petition was found to be incompetent, and that the grounds presented would not affect the result of the election regardless.

He filed an application in the Supreme Court, seeking leave to review that decision of June 15.

11 grounds seeking leave to review that decision were presented before Justice Oagile Key Dinake, who sat as a Singe Supreme Court judge.

Komo airfield landowners give 14-days ultimatum

The landowners said there is no formal agreement between them, the Government and ExxonMobil and called for a new agreement to be established to cater for their royalty payments.

The landowners are from the 16 ILG clans of the Komo airfield.

The landowners spokesperson Michael Tiki said the Government continues to fail the legitimate landowners by not honoring the UBSA and LBSA agreements in terms of royalty benefits, business development grants, Infrastructure Development Grants and High Impact Projects.

UOG receives students’ petition

The petition was for the school’s administration to address pressing issues on campus. 

In a statement, Chancellor Joseph Sukwianomb acknowledged the receipt of an official letter dated 13th of April.

He stated that he also appreciated the manner in which the petition was presented; through a professional and formal request.

The chancellor understood the context and content of the issue and challenges that students have rightfully presented and he is working cooperatively and in consultation with the team to address these challenges.

Tari-Pori petition trial commences

Summons were also issued by the court today for the Tari Election manageress and Returning officer to appear in court this Friday.

Following the March 13 ruling which saw 10 of the 13 petition grounds dismissed, parties returned before Justice David Cannings today.

Two preliminary motions were addressed this morning by the court before trial commenced.

James Marape’s lawyer, Robert Leo asked the court to reconsider its decision of March 13, when it dismissed his objection to competency motion.

Committee to respond to Madang petition

Acting provincial administrator, John Bivi, said the administration could not respond to the petition in 48 hours as demanded as they will need more time to look into all the demands.

Bivi claimed most of the demands in the petition were politicised and lacked substance.

He said once the committee completes a draft to respond to the petition, they will give it to Governor Peter Yama for his input.

Bivi also said most leaders involved, or who were allegedly seen amongst the crowds during the stand-off, must also be present to answer to some of the demands.

Manase’s win challenged in court

He filed the petition challenging the election of rival Alfred Manase as Kandep MP.

Polye is alleging bribery, undue influence against Manase and illegal practices, errors and omission against the Electioral Commission in the petition.

A total of eight witnesses will be summoned by his lawyers to appear in court for the trial, on a date that is yet to be set.

Speaking to supporters outside court, he claims the election was rigged and has taken it to the Court of Disputed Returns.

He says the people of Papua New Guinea must stand up for what is far and right.