ENB Provincial Health Authority

ENB Doctors issue petition calling for stop to lawlessness

The move is on behalf of the ENB Provincial Health Authority doctors and Rabaul Provincial Hospital staff comes amidst the alarming rise in criminal activities, putting professionals, including doctors and nurses at risk.

NDA Branch president and Senior Surgeon- Dr Kevin Lapu presented the petition to the Member for Rabaul Dr Allan Marat, Acting Provincial Administrator Levi Mano and ENB Police Commander Januarus Vosivai on Thursday 15th November, at the Rabaul Provincial Hospital.

District Prioritizes Healthcare

This would avoid any further travel to Kerevat District Hospital or Nonga General Hospital for primary health services

Supervised births, anti-natal check-ups, short-term inpatient care of medical conditions and a range of other outpatient services etc. will be part of the service at the new-look health post.