District Prioritizes Healthcare

The Gaulim health post once completed would address the needs for maternal and child health services.

This would avoid any further travel to Kerevat District Hospital or Nonga General Hospital for primary health services

Supervised births, anti-natal check-ups, short-term inpatient care of medical conditions and a range of other outpatient services etc. will be part of the service at the new-look health post.

Minister for Health and Member for Gazelle, Jelta Wong said the Gaulim facility can be used as a stepping stone to develop other health centres in the electorate, consistent with the ENB Provincial Health Authority's health infrastructure development plan and health services delivery plan.

“I am appealing to people in the community to support this project as it will improve health care and public health extension services being brought closer to your doorsteps.”

The Gazelle DDA Board has committed to supplement the construction with community engagement and participation together with investment for reticulated water supply for sustaining the operation of health facility.

He commended locals for standing together with the government agencies, ENB Provincial Health Authority, Gazelle District Development Authority Board and the United Church in the development of the facility.

Mr Wong urged the ENB Provincial Health Authority to explore and come up with innovative strategies to improve clinical care and public health services especially to the rural majority.

“Provincial Health Authorities needs to redirect and balance their focus between urban, administration and rural health service delivery towards improving and sustaining key health performance indicators for better outcomes.”


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