Central Music Festival Unites Province

Today, the inaugural Central Music Festival kicked off in Kwikila, Rigo District, celebrating day one with culture and unity. This landmark event, organized by the Central Music Association (CMA), is set to run from May 24-26, 2024.

The festival, supported by a K500,000 grant from the Central Provincial Government, features performances by string bands, cultural groups, and talented students. 

Festivalgoers can also enjoy business informational stalls and local SME showcases.

CMA President Allen Kedea emphasized, "This Music Festival is to promote unity and bring our people together in Central Province through music. Music is in our blood, and we are leading the way in Papua New Guinea."

The festival theme, "UNITING CENTRAL PROVINCE IN MUSIC," reflects its goal of restoring and preserving the cultural identity of the region. 

Governor Rufina Peter, now the official patron of the CMA, highlighted the significance of government support for the arts, marking this as a milestone in Central Province’s cultural revival.

Highlights of day one include performances by:

  • String Bands: Saroa String Band, Buria String Band, Geana Bada String Band, New Krymus String Band, Royals of Hisiu, Hood Lagoon Brothers.
  • Cultural Groups: Imoti Cultural Group, Kekere Manu Cultural Group, Ginigolo Cultural Group, Iveiava Goilala Cultural Group, Kitoro Garana Cultural Group, Valentine Tasha Dolphine Cultural Group, Kemabolo Cultural Group.
  • School Talents: Exceptional students from Kwikila Secondary, Matanato Junior High School, Toule Primary School, and Hula Primary School.
  • Performances by: PNGDF Pipes and Drum Band and the RPNGC Band.

Residents of NCD, Central Province, and the rest of PNG are invited to join the festivities and enjoy the rich tapestry of Central Province's music, arts, and culture.

Loop Author