ILGs for relocated Manam islanders

Finally, a headway has been made for the displaced Manam people who have been living in Bogia following the volcanic eruption in 2004.

Since their displacement and relocation, they have been waiting for the Government to establish the resettlement site at Andarum which has taken nearly two decades now.

A Steering Committee has now been set up to monitor the progress of the establishment of Incorporated Land Groups for the displaced islanders on Andarum where they will be permanently resettled.

The committee is made up of key partners and stakeholders to ensure accountability and transparency.

Chief Executive Officer of Manam Resettlement Authority (MaRA), Richard Baia said one of the key focal areas for the committee is to create Incorporated Land Groups (ILG) for the settlers so that once they are settled, they can be able to participate in their own sustainable economic development activities.

Mr. Baia states that all concept plans and benefit sharing formulas have been captured and laid out and their documents are now in the final stages for the landowners to sign.

He further added that close consultations are ongoing and the landowners have been very supportive towards MaRA in ensuring that their agendas are well looked into.

The resettlement site in Andarum sits along the borderline between Middle Ramu and Bogia districts. The land is mapped out and dissected according to the physical layout of villages on Manam Island. The concept plan recognizes the five clans of Manam Island with equal benefit sharing according to land mass distribution and the monetary value should be gained from it.

MaRA has over the years relied heavily on their own expertise with regard to creating and producing its plans and maps for the project.

The current population of Manam Islanders currently at Bogia stands at 21 000 approximately 5000 plus households according to the 2000 census records.

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