Squatters begin to vacate land

A squatter residing at 9 mile’s Bush Wara settlement has adhered to the directives issued by the police to vacate the land.

Jack Wemin has begun dismantling the first of his three structures this week.

He said he does not want the property and materials to be destroyed, so he has taken a proactive approach to move out early, with less than two months remaining before the eviction exercise commences.

Wemin is one out of over 5,000 illegal squatters squatting on land Portions 2156, 2157, and 2159 belonging to Namabawan Super Limited.

The Sheriff’s office together with the police continue to remind and encourage illegal squatters to start dismantling their properties now and relocate to ensure their building materials remain intact for use elsewhere.

The Sheriff’s Office had distributed 3,000 copies of a “61-day Eviction Notice,” to all squatters on Friday, 10 May 2024, including a full-page publication in both newspapers on the same day.

The 120-day grace period for the squatters ends on Wednesday, 10 July 2024, and the eviction program commences on Thursday, 11 July 2024. During the eviction, all squatters and building structures on the described land portions at Bush Wara, 9-Mile will be removed by the respective authorities engaged.

Assistant Police Commissioner NCD/Central Peter Guinness thanked Mr. Wemin, who has listened to the awareness carried out and decided to voluntarily vacate the land.

“It`s good you all move now as you have less than 50 days remaining. We do not want to be held accountable for contempt of court if we don`t enforce the court order issued on April 9, 2024,” he said.
He called on the people to adhere to the awareness and the court order to vacate the land to save their properties.

ACP Guinness added that the Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the police, will not hesitate to affect the court order issued, to give vacant possession of these land portions back to the rightful landowner.

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