Medical professionals graduate from UPNG

The doctors include Dr Grace Sios (MBSS) and currently doing her residency, Dr Erica Opu - Executive MBA, who was awarded with an Academic Excellence-Dr. Max Kep with a Master's in Emergency Medicine, and Martin Siwaka with a Bachelor's in Mental Health.

“As future health professionals, we must be prepared to address the impacts of patient demand for increased expectations of models of care in the health sector,” CEO Dr Robin Sios commented. 

Australian High Commissioner Commends UPNG Students

The students were lauded for their successful completion of a summer school program at the esteemed Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra.

The summer school opportunity was made possible through the ANU-UPNG partnership, a collaborative effort supported by the Australian Government under the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership.

UPNG host media discussions

The theme was ‘Shaping a Future of Rights; Freedom of Expression as a Driver for all other Human Rights’.

In the introductory remarks, Executive Dean for the School of Humanities and Social Science, Professor Leo Marai, spoke about the importance of commemorating the day.

“We gather to and reflect on the importance of free and responsible media. We recognize the importance of this values and the responsibilities we have to promote and defend them,” said Professor Marai.

UPNG Students on the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program

Both are students from the University of Papua New Guinea, Hahembe, is a second year Economics student at the School of Business and Public Policy, and Gawi is a third year Political Science student.

Vilousa shares her experience about the program, and the learning that contributes to studies at home, and how they had to fit into the respective universities.

Making education inclusive for women

The University of Technology and University of PNG’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences collaborated in partnership with the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership’s Incentive Fund to develop new Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion (GEDSI) policies which will embed equity, access and inclusion in all structures, policies and practices to support the welfare of staff and students.

Students host weeklong convention

Prior to hosting this 19th biennial convention, the students participated in a community outreach program last week, that touched on free health care services, education, health, financial literacy, law and order awareness with various communities in villages and towns. Communities reached included Olsobip, Tenkim, Dome, Ningerum, Gre, Tabubil, Kiunga in North Fly District and Bubusuambi and Boboa station on Lake Murray in the Middle Fly District.

Geographical and logistical challenges prevented the students from reaching more villages across the four districts. 

UPNG Students Vote SRC Reps

The students will vote for President Student Representative Council, Male vice President and Female vice President for next year.

Open of Writs was on 4th of August including nominations and closed on 11th of August. Candidates were screened and were given two weeks to campaign. Polling ends today at 6pm.    

Returning officer for UPNG SRC Election, Desmond Timiyaso, stated that a formal request was granted for the Electoral Commission to conduct elections for UPNG SRC Elections.

UPNG Sepik Students Rise To Assist

The fight between the local Mengar villagers and the Basis settlers erupted a week ago, from a volleyball game that went out of hand, escalating to destruction of properties and loss of lives.

Yesterday at the UPNG Forum Square, a small number of East Sepik students set up table to kick-start their appeal for disaster relief for their people in Wewak.

According to the appeal leader, third-year Banking and Finance student, Stanford Walehau, the assistance will go to the Basis community whose houses have been burnt to the ground.

Japanese Studies For UPNG Students

The ‘JICA Chair Program’ (JICA program for Japanese Studies) once officially launched tomorrow, the University of Papua New Guinea will be the first recipient of the program in PNG and the Pacific region. The UPNG Vice Chancellor, Japanese Ambassador and JICA Chief Representative will launch the new program.

Students studying the Japanese modernization course will study from Japanese guest lectures from prestigious Japanese universities.

New camera for UPNG journalism strand

For this reason, the BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) supported the University of Papua New Guinea’s Journalism & Public Relations Strand with a camera on Friday, October 15th.

BSP marketing’s  public relations & communications manager, Lavinia Mul, on behalf of the bank presented a camera to the students, saying: “Upcoming journalists should be equipped with a host of skills – both traditional and digital – and by having access to a proper high quality camera.