New camera for UPNG journalism strand

For this reason, the BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP) supported the University of Papua New Guinea’s Journalism & Public Relations Strand with a camera on Friday, October 15th.

BSP marketing’s  public relations & communications manager, Lavinia Mul, on behalf of the bank presented a camera to the students, saying: “Upcoming journalists should be equipped with a host of skills – both traditional and digital – and by having access to a proper high quality camera.

Tourism and Hospitality Convention

The convention was a two day fold event of the conference and exhibition that saw 354 virtual participants and 150 live audience from various sectors of the tourism and industry sector.   

The Tourism Convention is an annual event organised by the Tourism and Hospitality students and the School of Business and Public Policy.

Third year Tourism and hospitality  student  Francisa Nopro explained that  the  convention  displayed the skills  and  knowledge  students have been taught in class, and put into a practical setting.

UPNG Moot Court

The Moot Court grand finals was between the Licit Rookies who represented the plaintiff’s case. The Maienduo Litigators represented the case of the defendants.

Cases presented were drafted by lawyers from various law firms, and given to students to do research and argue their cases.   

President of UPNG Law Students Society Bernitha Wagun explained that the Moot court is an academic activity that is run by the School of Law and facilitated by the law student society every year. Participants are 2nd to final year Law students. They are encouraged to participate.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The Australian National University (ANU) in partnership with the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme and the University of Papua New Guinea will host two events discussing the United Nation’s findings on the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, as it relates to the Pacific and Papua New Guinea.

The IPCC climate report focuses on the physical science of climate change, covering Pacific climate phenomena. This includes the rise in temperature, rainfall, marine heatwaves, tropical cyclones and sea level. 

Parlt Backs Medical Bill

The Medical Registration Act was enacted in Parliament in 1980, which used to regulate and register all different cadres of health professionals in the country.

The law sets out the requirements of health professional registration and the standard under which they are to practice.

UPNG Revives Debate Hub

“The UPNG in years gone by was an environment for debate on national and international issues for that matter as well, and we haven’t had that for quite some time now.


“I am happy to report that SRC that was re-established this year has taken it on board as part of their work going forward. They have organized a couple of debates already and we’ve had the one on COVID-19 issues,” Prof. Griffin said.


UPNG School In Need Of New building

When addressing the 211 graduates from the SHSS at UPNG’s 66th graduation yesterday, UPNG Vice Chancellor Professor Frank Griffin appealed for partners to assist build a new facility for the School.

“The school desperately needs a new building like the ones we have for the School of Business and Public Policy and the School of Law and the new Science building.

Moot Court proceeds with COVID-19 protocols

Moot Court is a “court” in which hypothetical legal cases are tried by opposing teams of law students who act as “lawyers”. The “judges” are actual practising lawyers from reputable law firms such as O’Briens, Dentons, Ashurst and Leahy, Lewin, Lowing, Sullivan Lawyers as well as the State Solicitors Office.

According to the President of the Law Students Society (LSS), Kim Roary, LSS was promoted to draw up the Moot Court Health and Safety Rules after COVID-19 caused the UPNG administration to cancel all social activities

Scholarships for 33 students

Managing Director, Mahesh Patel, said the company will now be working closely with the University to put the applications out in the coming months.

City Pharmacy Limited has been operating in Papua New Guinea since 1987.

Patel while announcing the 33 scholarships, said the partnership with UPNG School of School of Medicine and Health Sciences is the beginning of a long term partnership.

UPNG students want to go home

Residential students today met with the Vice Chancellor, Professor Frank Griffin, at the Forum Square and urged the UPNG Council to consult the Government immediately.

The students, most of whom are from outside provinces, are quite anxious following the announcement of five new COVID-19 cases yesterday.

Chairman of the UPNG Students COVID-19 response team, Andrian Taranu, stressed that the safety and wellbeing of the students will be compromised if they remain on campus.