A Christmas act of kindness

The officials at Lakiemata Prison expressed their gratitude for the special gesture during this festive season, which acknowledged the residents of the prison, including the inmates and officers in charge.

The gifts were greatly appreciated and the spirit of giving was felt by everyone. Detainee Paul Bob spoke on behalf of the inmates and expressed his gratitude for the act of kindness. He said that most of them do not receive visitors, and the gesture meant a lot to them.

Miss WNB Crowned

The crowning of Miss WNB was one of the highlights of the independence festivities, showcasing the beauty and talent of eight contestants who participated in the 2023 WNB quest.

The coveted title of Miss WNB 2023 was bestowed upon 22-year-old Liboria Narere, representing the Kimbe Bay Shipping Agency. The crowning moment was made even more special as Miss Natasha Metta, the 2019 second runner-up, did the honours.

Liboria is employed by KBSA, her sponsor, reinforcing the connection between the pageant and the local business community.

Kimbe market redevelopment houses top facilities

Taking center stage is the nearing completion of the Kimbe Market redevelopment project in West New Britain, which places great emphasis on environmental sustainability throughout its design. Here are the notable features incorporated into the market:

The market buildings will be equipped with an impressive array of 100 solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to supply electricity and lighting, reducing the reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Talasea launches development plan

The Development Plan covers mainly the key priority areas including economic empowerment, infrastructure, health, education and law and order.

Prime Minister James Marape has commended the MP for Talasea, Freddie Kumai for putting together a well organised Five Year Integrated Development Plan for the district.

The Prime Minister when launching the plan on Thursday said the plan is an important strategy the district needs to bring tangible services to the people.

Japanese team recover fallen soldiers

The Japanese Association Recovery and Repatriation team members arrived in Kimbe on Wednesday 18th January and attended the Culture Centre to proceed in checking the remains of 15 soldiers’ that were found back in 2019 by the locals and research team.

Interpreter with the Japanese Embassy Rudy Sohoben explains that the team would be in the province till Monday 23rd January doing research on the remains found and making confirmation on whether the remains were Japanese or Papua New Guinean.

Major Drug Bust in Kimbe

West New Britian Provincial Police Commander Chief Inspector John Allan Iara confirmed that four of the suspects are from East Kove-Kaliai LLG in West New Britain and one is from Wasara in East Sepik.

PPC Iara explained that when the passenger vessel was about 4 nautical miles from Bialla wharf, the suspects threw the bags of marijuana onto an outboard motor that was travelling near the ship.

He said two of the suspects jumped into the boat and sped off. But not without the ship’s captain noticing them and alerting police.

Evaluation Over Oil Spill Underway

The officers are from the Authority’s Marine Environment Protection department and according to NMSA, a report of the findings will be furnished before the end of this week.

The oil spill incident occurred near the Kimbe main wharf at 3am on Monday, whereby a huge volume of palm oil had reportedly leaked from one of the storage tank and into the sea.

Kimbe Elementary Teachers College opens

While there, they also officiated in cutting the ribbon for the new West New Britain Elementary Teachers College.

The opening up of the AOG Church’s Kimbe Elementary Teachers Training College took place on Friday 18th March, 2022.

Counsellor Barclay in her remarks said that education is seen as the future for PNG and the place where PNG’s future leaders were and are made. She said she holds a special interest for teachers colleges in PNG as her mother was there in 1967 as a teacher and worked and she herself was born in East New Britain.

Kimbe set for CCIC challenge

CCIC Competition Manager Sam Koi approved and confirmed this, early this week. Draws are now already.

West New Britain and East New Britain (ENB) have always been part of the competition over the past decade however due to lack of sponsorship and logistical constraints, ENB couldn’t make it this year.

CCIC Competition Manager Sam Koi said while initial dialogues with New Ireland and the Autonomous Region Of Bougainville have been established with favorable feedbacks, effects of the pandemic has not made it possible.

Quiet Celebrations In Kimbe

Provincial Police Commander Januarius Vosivai confirmed this with the newsroom this morning.

He said there were only minor alcohol related incidents but police were on alert and addressed the issues immediately.

Mr Vosivai thanked the people of West New Britain, urging them to continue to abide by the law and observe the law in their communities.