Minister for Lands & Physical Planning

K150mil land expansion program

Minister for Lands & Physical Planning, and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso stated this during Parliament sitting on Tuesday 10 January 2023, when responding to questions posed by Member for Rai Coast, Kessy Sawang.

“We have a budget of K150 million for land expansion in our country. The government in its wisdom has decided that we should acquire more land to increase what we currently have as alienated land.  Alienated land in the country is around 3 percent-4 percent out of the total land banking in the country.”

Boosting investor-confidence

Minister Rosso said, “Because a lot of investors coming into the country, what they are scared of is dealing directly with landowners, we have to give them that confidence, that security, and that’s by acquiring the land.”

Alienated land in the country is approximately 4 percent of the total land banking in Papua New Guinea.

“Some of the land, 50 percent will be acquired to put in areas where like police stations, government centers, which we will outright acquire.

Special Purposes Lease for UN

Justin Tkatchenko, Minister for Lands & Physical Planning, presented the lease to Gianluca Rampolla, United Nations Resident Coordinator, in a recent ceremony held at the office of Lands Department.

The issuance of the lease is a milestone for the UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes in Papua New Guinea.

K6bn in land claims: Lands Minister

However, Minister for Lands & Physical Planning, Justin Tkatchenko, believes 80 percent of them are fake.

He revealed this in parliament on September 6th when asked by Komo-Margarima MP, Manasseh Makiba.

Makiba said he is facing difficulty in expanding programs in his district due to issues regarding land acquisition and compensation.

He said landowners were claiming exorbitant compensation amounts.

A result of these claims has resulted in the shutting down of the Komo International Airport.

​Dept to transform settlements to suburbs

This was stated by the Minister for Lands & Physical Planning and member for Moresby South, Justin Tkatchenko, during his official parade visit to the electorate yesterday at the Badili Police Station.

Speaking to the families of police officers and the people of Moresby South, he assured them that as of last week, the NCD Governor and he have set up the NCD Land unit and that this week, the department will be looking at transforming settlements into suburbs.